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Bold Purple (free Samples)

Author: Kirill Kazachek Website: https://www.iconfinder.com/kirill.kazachek
License: Creative Commons (Attribution 3.0 Unported) Total icons: 24 Published: 27 May, 2018
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Bold Purple (free Samples): circle, download, plus, icon, ring, sphere, amphitheater, aureole, band, belt, bowl, bracelet, circlet, circuit, circumference
Bold Purple (free Samples): alert, signal, telltale, icon, active, bright, careful, intelligent, observant, perceptive, sharp, vigilant, wary, watchful, wired
Bold Purple (free Samples): disabled, feelings, heart, like, love, icon, handicapped, infirm, paralyzed, weakened, wounded, confined, hamstrung, hurt, lame
Bold Purple (free Samples): enabled, feelings, heart, like, love, icon, empower, facilitate, implement, permit, set up, accredit, approve, capacitate, commission
Bold Purple (free Samples): circle, refresh, replace, round, icon, ring, sphere, amphitheater, aureole, band, belt, bowl, bracelet, circlet, circuit
Bold Purple (free Samples): enter, key, navigation, way, wayfinding, icon, arrive, come in, get in, go in, infiltrate, introduce, invade, penetrate, access
Bold Purple (free Samples): circle, face, human, profile, user, icon, ring, sphere, amphitheater, aureole, band, belt, bowl, bracelet, circlet
Bold Purple (free Samples): curve, diagram, graph, rating, icon, arc, arch, contour, loop, trajectory, ambit, bend, bight, bow, camber
Bold Purple (free Samples): cafe, coffee, cup, hot, icon, bistro, cafeteria, coffee shop, diner, joint, chophouse, lunchroom, tearoom, coffee bar, eating house
Bold Purple (free Samples): data, information, padlock, security, unlocked, icon, dossier, evidence, goods, info, input, knowledge, picture, statistics, testimony
Bold Purple (free Samples): connection, data, device, transfer, wireless, icon, contact, network, relation, acquaintance, agent, ally, associate, association, friend
Bold Purple (free Samples): flash, flashlight, light, torch, icon, beam, blaze, burst, flame, flare, glare, gleam, glimmer, glint, glitter
Bold Purple (free Samples): list, menu, numbers, string, text, icon, account, agenda, archive, ballot, bill, calendar, catalog, checklist, dictionary
Bold Purple (free Samples): data, internet, mobile, network, transfer, icon, dossier, evidence, goods, info, input, knowledge, picture, statistics, testimony
Bold Purple (free Samples): done, downloaded, icon, complete, completed, concluded, consummated, depleted, down, drained, effected, ended, executed, exhausted, fixed
Bold Purple (free Samples): download, downloaded, file, import, icon, load, log in, compute, computerize, digitize, initialize, input, program, run, boot up
Bold Purple (free Samples): move, paste, square, icon, act, action, change, maneuver, measure, motion, movement, ploy, procedure, shift, step
Bold Purple (free Samples): exchange, money, ruble, icon, change, commerce, network, swap, transaction, transfer, barter, castling, commutation, conversion, correspondence
Bold Purple (free Samples): letters, translate, translation, words, icon, sign, ABCs, alphabet, cap, capital, character, majuscule, minuscule, rune, type
Bold Purple (free Samples): folder, office, paper, place, storage, icon, binder, file, pocket, case, portfolio, sheath, wrapper, wrapping, commission
Bold Purple (free Samples): geotag, map, pin, position, tag, icon, design, drawing, graph, outline, picture, plan, print, sketch, atlas
Bold Purple (free Samples): men, restroom, toilet, icon, brother, father, fellow, guy, he, husband, son, Mr., beau, boyfriend, gentleman
Bold Purple (free Samples): restroom, toilet, woman, icon, latrine, toilet, shower, washroom, WC, powder room, water closet, attire, dressing, grooming, make-up
Bold Purple (free Samples): pointer, restroom, toilet, icon, arrow, dial, director, gauge, guide, hand, index, mark, needle, register, rod

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