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Bootstrap Icons

Author: Mark Otto Website: http://mdo.fm/
License: MIT License Total icons: 1118 Published: 12 Sep, 2020
Keywords: bootstrap, icons, free icons, freebies icons, freebies png, download free iconsfill, alarm, bottom, center, end, middle, start, top, alt, indicator, app, fill, archive, 90deg down, 90deg left, 90deg right, 90deg up, bar down, bar left, bar right, bar up, clockwise, counterclockwise, down circle fill, down circle, down left circle fill, down left circle, down left square fill, down left square, down left, down right circle fill, down right circle, down right square fill, down right square, down right, down short, down square fill, down square, down up, down, left circle fill, left circle, left right, left short, left square fill, left square, left, repeat, return left, return right, right circle fill, right circle, right short, right square fill, right square, right, up circle fill, up circle, up left circle fill, up left circle, up left square fill, up left square, up left, up right circle fill, up right circle, up right square fill, up right square, up right, up short, up square fill, up square, up, angle contract, angle expand, collapse, expand, fullscreen, move, ratio fill, ratio, asterisk, at, fill, award, back, fill, reverse fill, reverse, backspace, 4k fill,