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Author: Boxicons Website: https://boxicons.com/
License: CC BY 4.0 Total icons: 1393 Published: 22 Nov, 2020
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bx bookmark alt minus, bx bookmark alt plus, bx bookmark alt, bx bookmark heart, bx bookmark minus, bx bookmark plus, bx bookmark, bx bookmarks, bx border all, bx border bottom, bx border inner, bx border left, bx border none, bx border outer, bx border radius, bx border right, bx border top, bx bot, bx bowling ball, bx box, bx braille, bx brain, bx briefcase alt 2, bx briefcase alt, bx briefcase, bx brightness half, bx brightness, bx broadcast, bx brush alt, bx brush, bx bug alt, bx bug, bx building house, bx building, bx buildings, bx bulb, bx bullseye, bx buoy, bx bus school, bx bus, bx cabinet, bx cake, bx calculator, bx calendar alt, bx calendar check, bx calendar edit, bx calendar event, bx calendar exclamation, bx calendar heart, bx calendar minus, bx calendar plus, bx calendar star, bx calendar week, bx calendar x, bx calendar, bx camera home, bx camera movie, bx camera off, bx camera, bx capsule, bx captions, bx car, bx card, bx caret down circle, bx caret down square, bx 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alt, bx home circle, bx home heart, bx home smile, bx home, bx horizontal center, bx hotel, bx hourglass, bx id card, bx image add, bx image alt, bx image, bx images, bx import, bx infinite, bx info circle, bx info square, bx intersect, bx joystick alt, bx joystick button, bx joystick, bx key, bx label, bx landscape, bx laptop, bx laugh, bx layer minus, bx layer plus, bx layer, bx layout, bx left arrow circle, bx left arrow, bx left down arrow circle, bx left top arrow circle, bx library, bx like, bx line chart down, bx line chart, bx link alt, bx link external, bx link, bx lira, bx list check, bx list minus, bx list ol, bx list plus, bx list ul, bx loader alt, bx loader circle, bx loader, bx location plus, bx lock alt, bx lock open alt, bx lock open, bx lock, bx log in circle, bx log in, bx log out circle, bx log out, bx low vision, bx magnet, bx mail send, bx male sign, bx map alt, bx map pin, bx map, bx mask, bx medal, bx meh alt, bx meh blank, bx meh, bx memory card, bx merge, bx 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