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Author: Boxicons Website: https://boxicons.com/
License: CC BY 4.0 Total icons: 1393 Published: 22 Nov, 2020
Keywords: boxicons, free icons, freebies icons, freebies png, download free iconsbx abacus, bx accessibility, bx add to queue, bx adjust, bx alarm add, bx alarm exclamation, bx alarm off, bx alarm snooze, bx alarm, bx album, bx analyse, bx anchor, bx angry, bx aperture, bx arch, bx archive in, bx archive out, bx archive, bx area, bx arrow from bottom, bx arrow from left, bx arrow from right, bx arrow from top, bx arrow to bottom, bx arrow to left, bx arrow to right, bx arrow to top, bx at, bx atom, bx award, bx badge check, bx badge, bx ball, bx band aid, bx bar chart alt 2, bx bar chart square, bx barcode reader, bx barcode, bx baseball, bx basket, bx basketball, bx bath, bx battery, bx bed, bx been here, bx beer, bx bell minus, bx bell off, bx bell plus, bx bell, bx bible, bx bitcoin, bx blanket, bx block, bx bluetooth, bx bold, bx bolt circle, bx bomb, bx bone, bx bong, bx book add, bx book alt, bx book bookmark, bx book content, bx book heart, bx book open, bx book reader, bx book, bx bookmark alt minus, bx bookmark alt plus, bx bookmark alt, bx bookmark heart, bx bookmark minus, bx bookmark plus, bx bookmark, bx bookmarks, bx border all, bx border bottom, bx border inner, bx border left, bx border none, bx border outer, bx border radius, bx border right, bx border top, bx bot, bx bowling ball, bx box, bx braille, bx brain,
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