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camera icon

camera, camcorder, Polaroid, 35mm, Kodak, video camera

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Responsive Line Icons: archive, annals, chronicles, documents, excerpts, files, papers, roll, writings
Responsive Line Icons: aid, assistance, benefit, care, compensation, cooperation, gift, relief, service, subsidy, treatment, advancement, advice, advocacy, alleviation
Responsive Line Icons: bank, fund, stock, store, treasury, coffer, countinghouse, depository, exchequer, hoard, repository, reserve, reservoir, safe, savings
Responsive Line Icons: basketball, ball, B-ball, brownball
Responsive Line Icons: battery, array, batch, body, bunch, bundle, chain, clot, clump, cluster, group, lot, ring, sequence, set
Responsive Line Icons: beer, ale, brew, chill, lager, malt, oil, stout, suds, amber brew, barley pop, brewski, brown bottle, cold coffee, cold one
Responsive Line Icons: bell, Vesper, alarm, buzz, buzzer, carillon, chime, clapper, curfew, ding-dong, gong, peal, ringer, siren, tocsin
Responsive Line Icons: closed, bankrupt, locked, sealed, fastened, folded, padlocked, dark, gone fishing, not open, out of business, out of order, shut down
Responsive Line Icons: opened, free, not closed
Responsive Line Icons: box, carton, crate, pack, package, trunk, bin, case, casket, chest, coffer, portmanteau, receptacle
Responsive Line Icons: briefcase, bag, baggage, folder, case, dispatch, portfolio, valise, attaché
Responsive Line Icons: browser, gateway, portal, Internet service provider, display program, search engine, web crawler, web directory, web spider
Responsive Line Icons: brush, broom, toothbrush, besom, hairbrush, mop, polisher, sweeper, whisk, waxer
Responsive Line Icons: building, architecture, construction, home, house, hut, domicile, edifice, erection, fabric, framework, pile, superstructure, ziggurat
Responsive Line Icons: bus, integrate
Responsive Line Icons: calendar, agenda, almanac, card, chronology, diary, docket, journal, lineup, list, program, table, timetable, bulletin, daybook
Responsive Line Icons: car, auto, automobile, bus, convertible, jeep, limousine, machine, motor, pickup, ride, station wagon, truck, van, wagon
Responsive Line Icons: line, boundary, channel, edge, band, bar, borderline, configuration, contour, crease, dash, delineation, demarcation, figuration, figure
Responsive Line Icons: pie, achievable, advantageous, appropriate, attainable, beneficial, expedient, likely, practicable, practical, profitable, reasonable, suitable, viable, workable
Responsive Line Icons: pipe, duct, hose, line, pipeline, sewer, vent, vessel, aqueduct, canal, channel, conduit, conveyer, main, spout
Responsive Line Icons: clock, alarm, timer, chronograph, chronometer, hourglass, metronome, pendulum, stopwatch, sundial, tattler, ticker, timekeeper, timepiece, turnip
Responsive Line Icons: cloud, darkness, fog, gloom, mist, puff, smog, smoke, steam, vapor, veil, billow, dimness, film, fogginess
Responsive Line Icons: cog, prong, cogwheel, differential, fang, gear, pinion, rack, ratchet, tine, tooth, transmission, tusk, wheel
Responsive Line Icons: comment, commentary, criticism, discussion, judgment, mention, note, observation, opinion, remark, report, review, animadversion, annotation, backtalk
Responsive Line Icons: comments, commentary, criticism, discussion, judgment, mention, note, observation, opinion, remark, report, review, animadversion, annotation, backtalk
Responsive Line Icons: compass, ambit, area, bound, circle, circuit, circumference, circumscription, confines, domain, enclosure, environs, expanse, extent, field
Responsive Line Icons: card, badge, calendar, check, label, poster, program, sheet, ticket, agenda, billet, cardboard, docket, fiberboard, identification
Responsive Line Icons: dashboard, control panel, indicator panel, instrument board
Responsive Line Icons: envelope, bag, box, casing, coat, container, jacket, pocket, pouch, case, cloak, coating, cover, covering, enclosure
Responsive Line Icons: equaliser
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