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Fluent UI System Icons

Author: Microsoft Website: https://opensource.microsoft.com/
License: MIT License Total icons: 4940 Published: 17 Aug, 2022
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vertical regular, align end horizontal filled, align end horizontal regular, align end vertical filled, align end vertical regular, align left filled, align left regular, align right filled, align right regular, align space around horizontal filled, align space around horizontal regular, align space around vertical filled, align space around vertical regular, align space between horizontal filled, align space between horizontal regular, align space between vertical filled, align space between vertical regular, align space evenly horizontal filled, align space evenly horizontal regular, align space evenly vertical filled, align space evenly vertical regular, align space fit vertical filled, align space fit vertical regular, align start horizontal filled, align start horizontal regular, align start vertical filled, align start vertical regular, align stretch horizontal filled, align stretch horizontal regular, align stretch vertical filled, align stretch vertical regular, align top 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arrow autofit height regular, arrow autofit height dotted filled, arrow autofit height dotted regular, arrow autofit up filled, arrow autofit up regular, arrow autofit width filled, arrow autofit width regular, arrow autofit width dotted filled, arrow autofit width dotted regular, arrow between down filled, arrow between down regular, arrow between up filled, arrow between up regular, arrow bidirectional up down filled, arrow bidirectional up down regular, arrow bounce filled, arrow bounce regular, arrow circle down filled, arrow circle down regular, arrow circle down double filled, arrow circle down double regular, arrow circle down right filled, arrow circle down right regular, arrow circle down split filled, arrow circle down split regular, arrow circle down up filled, arrow circle down up regular, arrow circle left filled, arrow circle left regular, arrow circle right filled, arrow circle right regular, arrow circle up filled, arrow circle up regular, arrow circle up left filled, arrow circle up left regular, arrow clockwise filled, arrow clockwise regular, arrow clockwise dashes filled, arrow clockwise dashes regular, arrow collapse all filled, arrow collapse all regular, arrow counterclockwise filled, arrow counterclockwise regular, arrow counterclockwise dashes filled, arrow counterclockwise dashes regular, arrow curve down left filled, arrow curve down left regular, arrow curve down right filled, arrow curve down right regular, arrow curve up left filled, arrow curve up left regular, arrow curve up right filled, arrow curve up right regular, arrow down filled, arrow down regular, arrow download filled, arrow download regular, arrow down left filled, arrow down left regular, arrow eject filled, arrow eject regular, arrow enter filled, arrow enter regular, arrow enter left filled, arrow enter left regular, arrow enter up filled, arrow enter up regular, arrow exit filled, arrow exit regular, arrow expand filled, arrow expand regular, arrow export ltr filled, arrow export ltr regular, arrow export rtl filled, arrow export rtl regular, arrow export up filled, arrow export up regular, arrow fit filled, arrow fit regular, arrow fit in filled, arrow fit in regular, arrow forward filled, arrow forward regular, arrow forward down lightning filled, arrow forward down lightning regular, arrow forward down person filled, arrow forward down person regular, arrow hook down left filled, arrow hook down left regular, arrow hook down right filled, arrow hook down right regular, arrow hook up left filled, arrow hook up left regular, arrow hook up right filled, arrow hook up right regular, arrow import filled, arrow import regular, arrow join filled, arrow join regular, arrow left filled, arrow left regular, arrow maximize filled, arrow maximize regular, arrow maximize vertical filled, arrow maximize vertical regular, arrow minimize filled, arrow minimize regular, arrow minimize vertical filled, arrow minimize vertical regular, arrow move filled, arrow move regular, arrow move inward filled, arrow move inward regular, arrow next filled, arrow next regular, arrow outline up right filled, arrow outline up right regular, arrow paragraph filled, arrow paragraph regular, arrow previous filled, arrow previous regular, arrow redo filled, arrow redo regular, arrow repeat all filled, arrow repeat all regular, arrow repeat all off filled, arrow repeat all off regular, arrow reply filled, arrow reply regular, arrow reply all filled, arrow reply all regular, arrow reply down filled, arrow reply down regular, arrow reset filled, arrow reset regular, arrow right filled, arrow right regular, arrow rotate clockwise filled, arrow rotate clockwise regular, arrow rotate counterclockwise filled, arrow rotate counterclockwise regular, arrow routing filled, arrow routing regular, arrow routing rectangle multiple filled, arrow routing rectangle multiple regular, arrow sort filled, arrow sort regular, arrow sort down filled, arrow sort down regular, arrow sort down lines filled, arrow sort down lines regular, arrow sort up filled, arrow sort up regular, arrow split filled, arrow split regular, arrow square down filled, arrow square down regular, arrow step back filled, arrow step back regular, arrow step in filled, arrow step in regular, arrow step in left filled, arrow step in left regular, arrow step in right filled, arrow step in right regular, arrow step out filled, arrow step out regular, arrow step over filled, arrow step over regular, arrow swap filled, arrow swap regular, arrow sync filled, arrow sync regular, arrow sync checkmark filled, arrow sync checkmark regular, arrow sync circle filled, arrow sync circle regular, arrow sync dismiss filled, arrow sync dismiss regular, arrow sync off filled, arrow sync off regular, arrow trending filled, arrow trending regular, arrow trending checkmark filled, arrow trending checkmark regular, arrow trending down filled, arrow trending down regular, arrow trending lines filled, arrow trending lines regular, arrow trending settings filled, arrow trending settings regular, arrow trending text filled, arrow trending text regular, arrow trending wrench filled, arrow trending wrench regular, arrow turn bidirectional down right filled, arrow turn bidirectional down right regular, arrow turn right filled, arrow turn right regular, arrow undo filled, arrow undo regular, arrow up filled, arrow up regular, arrow upload filled, arrow upload regular, arrow up left filled, arrow up left regular, arrow up right filled, arrow up right regular, arrow wrap filled, arrow wrap regular, arrow wrap off filled, arrow wrap off regular, attach filled, attach regular, attach arrow right filled, attach arrow right regular, attach text filled, attach text regular, autocorrect filled, autocorrect regular, autosum filled, autosum regular, auto fit height filled, auto fit height regular, auto fit width filled, auto fit width regular, backpack filled, backpack regular, backpack add filled, 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book exclamation mark regular, book globe filled, book globe regular, book information filled, book information regular, book letter filled, book letter regular, book number filled, book number regular, book open filled, book open regular, book open globe filled, book open globe regular, book open microphone filled, book open microphone regular, book pulse filled, book pulse regular, book question mark filled, book question mark regular, book question mark rtl filled, book question mark rtl regular, book search filled, book search regular, book star filled, book star regular, book template filled, book template regular, book theta filled, book theta regular, book toolbox filled, book toolbox regular, border all filled, border all regular, border bottom filled, border bottom regular, border bottom double filled, border bottom double regular, border bottom thick filled, border bottom thick regular, border left filled, border left regular, border left right filled, border left right 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checkmark filled, box multiple checkmark regular, box multiple search filled, box multiple search regular, box search filled, box search regular, box toolbox filled, box toolbox regular, braces filled, braces regular, braces variable filled, braces variable regular, brain circuit filled, brain circuit regular, branch filled, branch regular, branch compare filled, branch compare regular, branch fork filled, branch fork regular, branch fork hint filled, branch fork hint regular, branch fork link filled, branch fork link regular, branch request filled, branch request regular, breakout room filled, breakout room regular, briefcase filled, briefcase regular, briefcase medical filled, briefcase medical regular, briefcase off filled, briefcase off regular, brightness high filled, brightness high regular, brightness low filled, brightness low regular, broad activity feed filled, broad activity feed regular, broom filled, broom regular, bug filled, bug regular, bug arrow counterclockwise 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mention filled, calendar mention regular, calendar month filled, calendar month regular, calendar multiple filled, calendar multiple regular, calendar pattern filled, calendar pattern regular, calendar person filled, calendar person regular, calendar phone filled, calendar phone regular, calendar question mark filled, calendar question mark regular, calendar reply filled, calendar reply regular, calendar rtl filled, calendar rtl regular, calendar search filled, calendar search regular, calendar settings filled, calendar settings regular, calendar star filled, calendar star regular, calendar sync filled, calendar sync regular, calendar today filled, calendar today regular, calendar toolbox filled, calendar toolbox regular, calendar week numbers filled, calendar week numbers regular, calendar week start filled, calendar week start regular, calendar work week filled, calendar work week regular, call filled, call regular, calligraphy pen filled, calligraphy pen regular, calligraphy pen checkmark filled, calligraphy pen checkmark regular, calligraphy pen error filled, calligraphy pen error regular, calligraphy pen question mark filled, calligraphy pen question mark regular, call add filled, call add regular, call checkmark filled, call checkmark regular, call connecting filled, call connecting regular, call dismiss filled, call dismiss regular, call end filled, call end regular, call exclamation filled, call exclamation regular, call forward filled, call forward regular, call inbound filled, call inbound regular, call missed filled, call missed regular, call outbound filled, call outbound regular, call park filled, call park regular, call pause filled, call pause regular, call prohibited filled, call prohibited regular, call transfer filled, call transfer regular, call warning filled, call warning regular, camera filled, camera regular, camera add filled, camera add regular, camera dome filled, camera dome regular, camera edit filled, camera edit regular, camera off filled, camera off regular, camera switch filled, camera switch regular, caret down filled, caret down regular, caret down right filled, caret down right regular, caret left filled, caret left regular, caret right filled, caret right regular, caret up filled, caret up regular, cart filled, cart regular, cast filled, cast regular, catch up filled, catch up regular, cellular 3g filled, cellular 3g regular, cellular 4g filled, cellular 4g regular, cellular 5g filled, cellular 5g regular, cellular data 1 filled, cellular data 1 regular, cellular data 2 filled, cellular data 2 regular, cellular data 3 filled, cellular data 3 regular, cellular data 4 filled, cellular data 4 regular, cellular data 5 filled, cellular data 5 regular, cellular off filled, cellular off regular, cellular warning filled, cellular warning regular, center horizontal filled, center horizontal regular, center vertical filled, center vertical regular, certificate filled, certificate regular, channel filled, channel regular, channel add filled, channel add regular, channel alert filled, channel alert regular, channel arrow left filled, channel arrow left regular, channel dismiss filled, channel dismiss regular, channel share filled, channel share regular, channel subtract filled, channel subtract regular, chart multiple filled, chart multiple regular, chart person filled, chart person regular, chat filled, chat regular, chat arrow back filled, chat arrow back regular, chat arrow double back filled, chat arrow double back regular, chat bubbles question filled, chat bubbles question regular, chat dismiss filled, chat dismiss regular, chat help filled, chat help regular, chat mail filled, chat mail regular, chat multiple filled, chat multiple regular, chat off filled, chat off regular, chat settings filled, chat settings regular, chat video filled, chat video regular, chat warning filled, chat warning regular, check filled, check regular, checkbox 1 filled, checkbox 1 regular, checkbox 2 filled, checkbox 2 regular, checkbox arrow right filled, checkbox arrow right regular, checkbox checked filled, checkbox checked regular, checkbox checked sync filled, checkbox checked sync regular, checkbox indeterminate filled, checkbox indeterminate regular, checkbox person filled, checkbox person regular, checkbox unchecked filled, checkbox unchecked regular, checkbox warning filled, checkbox warning regular, checkmark filled, checkmark regular, checkmark circle filled, checkmark circle regular, checkmark lock filled, checkmark lock regular, checkmark note filled, checkmark note regular, checkmark square filled, checkmark square regular, checkmark starburst filled, checkmark starburst regular, checkmark underline circle filled, checkmark underline circle regular, chess filled, chess regular, chevron circle down filled, chevron circle down regular, chevron circle left filled, chevron circle left regular, chevron circle right filled, chevron circle right regular, chevron circle up filled, chevron circle up regular, chevron double down filled, chevron double down regular, chevron double left filled, chevron double left regular, chevron double right filled, chevron double right regular, chevron double up filled, chevron double up regular, chevron down filled, chevron down regular, chevron left filled, chevron left regular, chevron right filled, chevron right regular, chevron up filled, chevron up regular, chevron up down filled, chevron up down regular, circle filled, circle regular, circle edit filled, circle edit regular, circle eraser filled, circle eraser regular, circle half fill filled, circle half fill regular, circle image filled, circle image regular, circle line filled, circle line regular, circle multiple subtract checkmark filled, circle multiple subtract checkmark regular, circle off filled, circle off regular, circle small filled, circle small regular, city filled, city regular, class filled, class regular, classification filled, classification regular, clear formatting filled, clear formatting regular, clipboard filled, clipboard regular, clipboard 3 day filled, clipboard 3 day regular, clipboard arrow right filled, clipboard arrow right regular, clipboard bullet list ltr filled, clipboard bullet list ltr regular, clipboard bullet list rtl filled, clipboard bullet list rtl regular, clipboard checkmark filled, clipboard checkmark regular, clipboard clock filled, clipboard clock regular, clipboard code filled, clipboard code regular, clipboard data bar filled, clipboard data bar regular, clipboard day filled, clipboard day regular, clipboard edit filled, clipboard edit regular, clipboard error filled, clipboard error regular, clipboard heart filled, clipboard heart regular, clipboard image filled, clipboard image regular, clipboard letter filled, clipboard letter regular, clipboard link filled, clipboard link regular, clipboard month filled, clipboard month regular, clipboard more filled, clipboard more regular, clipboard note filled, clipboard note regular, clipboard paste filled, clipboard paste regular, clipboard pulse filled, clipboard pulse regular, clipboard search filled, clipboard search regular, clipboard settings filled, clipboard settings regular, clipboard task filled, clipboard task regular, clipboard task add filled, clipboard task add regular, clipboard task list ltr filled, clipboard task list ltr regular, clipboard task list rtl filled, clipboard task list rtl regular, clipboard text edit filled, clipboard text edit regular, clipboard text ltr filled, clipboard text ltr regular, clipboard text rtl filled, clipboard text rtl regular, clock filled, clock regular, clock alarm filled, clock alarm regular, clock arrow download filled, clock arrow download regular, clock dismiss filled, clock dismiss regular, clock pause filled, clock pause regular, clock toolbox filled, clock toolbox regular, closed caption filled, closed caption regular, closed caption off filled, closed caption off regular, cloud filled, cloud regular, cloud add filled, cloud add regular, cloud archive filled, cloud archive regular, cloud arrow down filled, cloud arrow down regular, cloud arrow up filled, cloud arrow up regular, cloud checkmark filled, cloud checkmark regular, cloud dismiss filled, cloud dismiss regular, cloud edit filled, cloud edit regular, cloud flow filled, cloud flow regular, cloud link filled, cloud link regular, cloud off filled, cloud off regular, cloud swap filled, cloud swap regular, cloud sync filled, cloud sync regular, cloud words filled, cloud words regular, code filled, code regular, code circle filled, code circle regular, code text filled, code text regular, code text edit filled, code text edit regular, collections filled, collections regular, collections add filled, collections add regular, color filled, color regular, color background filled, color background regular, color background accent regular, color fill filled, color fill regular, color fill accent regular, color line filled, color line regular, color line accent regular, column filled, column regular, column arrow right filled, column arrow right regular, column double compare filled, column double compare regular, column edit filled, column edit regular, column triple filled, column triple regular, column triple edit filled, column triple edit regular, comma filled, comma regular, comment filled, comment regular, comment add filled, comment add regular, comment arrow left filled, comment arrow left regular, comment arrow right filled, comment arrow right regular, comment checkmark filled, comment checkmark regular, comment dismiss filled, comment dismiss regular, comment edit filled, comment edit regular, comment error filled, comment error regular, comment lightning filled, comment lightning regular, comment mention filled, comment mention regular, comment multiple filled, comment multiple regular, comment multiple checkmark filled, comment multiple checkmark regular, comment multiple link filled, comment multiple link regular, comment note filled, comment note regular, comment off filled, comment off regular, communication filled, communication regular, communication person filled, communication person regular, compass northwest filled, compass northwest regular, compose filled, compose regular, conference room filled, conference room regular, connected filled, connected regular, connector filled, connector regular, contact card filled, contact card regular, contact card group filled, contact card group regular, contact card link filled, contact card link regular, contact card ribbon filled, contact card ribbon regular, content settings filled, content settings regular, content view filled, content view regular, content view gallery filled, content view gallery regular, contract down left filled, contract down left regular, control button filled, control button regular, convert range filled, convert range regular, cookies filled, cookies regular, copy filled, copy regular, copy add filled, copy add regular, copy arrow right filled, copy arrow right regular, copy select filled, copy select regular, couch filled, couch regular, credit card clock filled, credit card clock regular, credit card person filled, credit card person regular, credit card toolbox filled, credit card toolbox regular, crop filled, crop regular, crop interim filled, crop interim regular, crop interim off filled, crop interim off regular, cube filled, cube regular, cube add filled, cube add regular, cube arrow curve down filled, cube arrow curve down regular, cube link filled, cube link regular, cube multiple filled, cube multiple regular, cube quick filled, cube quick regular, cube rotate filled, cube rotate regular, cube sync filled, cube sync regular, cube tree filled, cube tree regular, currency dollar euro filled, currency dollar euro regular, currency dollar rupee filled, currency dollar rupee regular, cursor filled, cursor regular, cursor click filled, cursor click regular, cursor hover filled, cursor hover regular, cursor hover off filled, cursor hover off regular, cut filled, cut regular, dark theme filled, dark theme regular, database filled, database regular, database arrow down filled, database arrow down regular, database arrow right filled, database arrow right regular, database arrow up filled, database arrow up regular, database lightning filled, database lightning regular, database link filled, database link regular, database multiple filled, database multiple regular, database person filled, database person regular, database plug connected filled, database plug connected regular, database search filled, database search regular, database switch filled, database switch regular, database warning filled, database warning regular, database window filled, database window regular, data area filled, data area regular, data bar horizontal filled, data bar horizontal regular, data bar vertical filled, data bar vertical regular, data bar vertical add filled, data bar vertical add regular, data funnel filled, data funnel regular, data histogram filled, data histogram regular, data line filled, data line regular, data pie filled, data pie regular, data scatter filled, data scatter regular, data sunburst filled, data sunburst regular, data treemap filled, data treemap regular, data trending filled, data trending regular, data usage filled, data usage regular, data usage edit filled, data usage edit regular, data usage settings filled, data usage settings regular, data usage toolbox filled, data usage toolbox regular, data waterfall filled, data waterfall regular, data whisker filled, data whisker regular, decimal arrow left filled, decimal arrow left regular, decimal arrow right filled, decimal arrow right regular, delete filled, delete regular, delete arrow back filled, delete arrow back regular, delete dismiss filled, delete dismiss regular, delete lines filled, delete lines regular, delete off filled, delete off regular, dentist filled, dentist regular, design ideas filled, design ideas regular, desktop filled, desktop regular, desktop arrow right filled, desktop arrow right regular, desktop cursor filled, desktop cursor regular, desktop edit filled, desktop edit regular, desktop flow filled, desktop flow regular, desktop keyboard filled, desktop keyboard regular, desktop mac filled, desktop mac regular, desktop pulse filled, desktop pulse regular, desktop signal filled, desktop signal regular, desktop speaker filled, desktop speaker regular, desktop speaker off filled, desktop speaker off regular, desktop sync filled, desktop sync regular, desktop toolbox filled, desktop toolbox regular, developer board filled, developer board regular, developer board lightning filled, developer board lightning regular, developer board lightning toolbox filled, developer board lightning toolbox regular, developer board search filled, developer board search regular, device eq filled, device eq regular, device meeting room filled, device meeting room regular, device meeting room remote filled, device meeting room remote regular, diagram filled, diagram regular, dialpad filled, dialpad regular, dialpad off filled, dialpad off regular, diamond filled, diamond regular, directions filled, directions regular, dismiss filled, dismiss regular, dismiss circle filled, dismiss circle regular, dismiss square filled, dismiss square regular, dismiss square multiple filled, dismiss square multiple regular, diversity filled, diversity regular, divider short filled, divider short regular, divider tall filled, divider tall regular, dock filled, dock regular, dock row filled, dock row regular, doctor filled, doctor regular, document filled, document regular, document add filled, document add regular, document arrow down filled, document arrow down regular, document arrow left filled, document arrow left regular, document arrow right filled, document arrow right regular, document arrow up filled, document arrow up regular, document briefcase filled, document briefcase regular, document bullet list filled, document bullet list regular, document bullet list clock filled, document bullet list clock regular, document bullet list multiple filled, document bullet list multiple regular, document bullet list off filled, document bullet list off regular, document catch up filled, document catch up regular, document checkmark filled, document checkmark regular, document chevron double filled, document chevron double regular, document copy filled, document copy regular, document css filled, document css regular, document data filled, document data regular, document dismiss filled, document dismiss regular, document edit filled, document edit regular, document endnote filled, document endnote regular, document error filled, document error regular, document flowchart filled, document flowchart regular, document footer filled, document footer regular, document footer dismiss filled, document footer dismiss regular, document header filled, document header regular, document header arrow down filled, document header arrow down regular, document header dismiss filled, document header dismiss regular, document header footer filled, document header footer regular, document heart filled, document heart regular, document heart pulse filled, document heart pulse regular, document javascript filled, document javascript regular, document landscape filled, document landscape regular, document landscape data filled, document landscape data regular, document landscape split filled, document landscape split regular, document landscape split hint filled, document landscape split hint regular, document link filled, document link regular, document lock filled, document lock regular, document margins filled, document margins regular, document mention filled, document mention regular, document multiple filled, document multiple regular, document multiple percent filled, document multiple percent regular, document multiple prohibited filled, document multiple prohibited regular, document multiple sync filled, document multiple sync regular, document one page filled, document one page regular, document page bottom center filled, document page bottom center regular, document page bottom left filled, document page bottom left regular, document page bottom right filled, document page bottom right regular, document page break filled, document page break regular, document page number filled, document page number regular, document page top center filled, document page top center regular, document page top left filled, document page top left regular, document page top right filled, document page top right regular, document pdf filled, document pdf regular, document percent filled, document percent regular, document person filled, document person regular, document pill filled, document pill regular, document prohibited filled, document prohibited regular, document question mark filled, document question mark regular, document queue filled, document queue regular, document queue add filled, document queue add regular, document queue multiple filled, document queue multiple regular, document ribbon filled, document ribbon regular, document save filled, document save regular, document search filled, document search regular, document settings filled, document settings regular, document split hint filled, document split hint regular, document split hint off filled, document split hint off regular, document sync filled, document sync regular, document table filled, document table regular, document table arrow right filled, document table arrow right regular, document table checkmark filled, document table checkmark regular, document table cube filled, document table cube regular, document table search filled, document table search regular, document table truck filled, document table truck regular, document text filled, document text regular, document text clock filled, document text clock regular, document text extract filled, document text extract regular, document text link filled, document text link regular, document text toolbox filled, document text toolbox regular, document toolbox filled, document toolbox regular, document width filled, document width regular, door filled, door regular, door arrow left filled, door arrow left regular, door arrow right filled, door arrow right regular, door tag filled, door tag regular, double swipe down filled, double swipe down regular, double swipe up filled, double swipe up regular, double tap swipe down filled, double tap swipe down regular, double tap swipe up filled, double tap swipe up regular, drafts filled, drafts regular, drag filled, drag regular, drawer add filled, drawer add regular, drawer arrow download filled, drawer arrow download regular, drawer dismiss filled, drawer dismiss regular, drawer play filled, drawer play regular, drawer subtract filled, drawer subtract regular, draw image filled, draw image regular, draw shape filled, draw shape regular, draw text filled, draw text regular, drink beer filled, drink beer regular, drink bottle filled, drink bottle regular, drink bottle off filled, drink bottle off regular, drink coffee filled, drink coffee regular, drink margarita filled, drink margarita regular, drink to go filled, drink to go regular, drink wine filled, drink wine regular, drive train filled, drive train regular, drop filled, drop regular, dual screen filled, dual screen regular, dual screen add filled, dual screen add regular, dual screen arrow right filled, dual screen arrow right regular, dual screen arrow up filled, dual screen arrow up regular, dual screen clock filled, dual screen clock regular, dual screen closed alert filled, dual screen closed alert regular, dual screen desktop filled, dual screen desktop regular, dual screen dismiss filled, dual screen dismiss regular, dual screen group filled, dual screen group regular, dual screen header filled, dual screen header regular, dual screen lock filled, dual screen lock regular, dual screen mirror filled, dual screen mirror regular, dual screen pagination filled, dual screen pagination regular, dual screen settings filled, dual screen settings regular, dual screen span filled, dual screen span regular, dual screen speaker filled, dual screen speaker regular, dual screen status bar filled, dual screen status bar regular, dual screen tablet filled, dual screen tablet regular, dual screen update filled, dual screen update regular, dual screen vertical scroll filled, dual screen vertical scroll regular, dual screen vibrate filled, dual screen vibrate regular, dumbbell filled, dumbbell regular, earth filled, earth regular, earth leaf filled, earth leaf regular, edit filled, edit regular, edit arrow back filled, edit arrow back regular, edit off filled, edit off regular, edit prohibited filled, edit prohibited regular, edit settings filled, edit settings regular, emoji filled, emoji regular, emoji add filled, emoji add regular, emoji angry filled, emoji angry regular, emoji edit filled, emoji edit regular, emoji hand filled, emoji hand regular, emoji laugh filled, emoji laugh regular, emoji meh filled, emoji meh regular, emoji multiple filled, emoji multiple regular, emoji sad filled, emoji sad regular, emoji sad slight filled, emoji sad slight regular, emoji smile slight filled, emoji smile slight regular, emoji sparkle filled, emoji sparkle regular, emoji surprise filled, emoji surprise regular, engine filled, engine regular, equal circle filled, equal circle regular, equal off filled, equal off regular, eraser filled, eraser regular, eraser medium filled, eraser medium regular, eraser segment filled, eraser segment regular, eraser small filled, eraser small regular, eraser tool filled, eraser tool regular, error circle filled, error circle regular, error circle settings filled, error circle settings regular, expand up left filled, expand up left regular, expand up right filled, expand up right regular, extended dock filled, extended dock regular, eye filled, eye regular, eyedropper filled, eyedropper regular, eyedropper off filled, eyedropper off regular, eye off filled, eye off regular, eye tracking filled, eye tracking regular, eye tracking off filled, eye tracking off regular, fast acceleration filled, fast acceleration regular, fast forward filled, fast forward regular, fax filled, fax regular, feed filled, feed regular, filmstrip filled, filmstrip regular, filter filled, filter regular, filter add filled, filter add regular, filter dismiss filled, filter dismiss regular, filter sync filled, filter sync regular, fingerprint filled, fingerprint regular, fixed width filled, fixed width regular, flag filled, flag regular, flag off filled, flag off regular, flag pride filled, flash filled, flash regular, flashlight filled, flashlight regular, flashlight off filled, flashlight off regular, flash add filled, flash add regular, flash auto filled, flash auto regular, flash checkmark filled, flash checkmark regular, flash flow filled, flash flow regular, flash off filled, flash off regular, flash play filled, flash play regular, flash settings filled, flash settings regular, flip horizontal filled, flip horizontal regular, flip vertical filled, flip vertical regular, flow filled, flow regular, flowchart filled, flowchart regular, flowchart circle filled, flowchart circle regular, fluent filled, fluent regular, fluid filled, fluid regular, folder filled, folder regular, folder add filled, folder add regular, folder arrow left filled, folder arrow left regular, folder arrow right filled, folder arrow right regular, folder arrow up filled, folder arrow up regular, folder briefcase filled, folder briefcase regular, folder globe filled, folder globe regular, folder link filled, folder link regular, folder mail filled, folder mail regular, folder open filled, folder open regular, folder open vertical filled, folder open vertical regular, folder people filled, folder people regular, folder person filled, folder person regular, folder prohibited filled, folder prohibited regular, folder swap filled, folder swap regular, folder sync filled, folder sync regular, folder zip filled, folder zip regular, font decrease filled, font decrease regular, font increase filled, font increase regular, font space tracking in filled, font space tracking in regular, font space tracking out filled, font space tracking out regular, food filled, food regular, food apple filled, food apple regular, food cake filled, food cake regular, food carrot filled, food carrot regular, food chicken leg filled, food chicken leg regular, food egg filled, food egg regular, food fish filled, food fish regular, food grains filled, food grains regular, food pizza filled, food pizza regular, food toast filled, food toast regular, form filled, form regular, form multiple filled, form multiple regular, form new filled, form new regular, fps 120 filled, fps 120 regular, fps 240 filled, fps 240 regular, fps 30 filled, fps 30 regular, fps 60 filled, fps 60 regular, fps 960 filled, fps 960 regular, full screen maximize filled, full screen maximize regular, full screen minimize filled, full screen minimize regular, f stop filled, f stop regular, games filled, games regular, gantt chart filled, gantt chart regular, gas filled, gas regular, gas pump filled, gas pump regular, gather filled, gather regular, gauge filled, gauge regular, gauge add filled, gauge add regular, gavel filled, gavel regular, gesture filled, gesture regular, gif filled, gif regular, gift filled, gift regular, gift card filled, gift card regular, gift card add filled, gift card add regular, gift card arrow right filled, gift card arrow right regular, gift card money filled, gift card money regular, gift card multiple filled, gift card multiple regular, glance filled, glance regular, glance horizontal filled, glance horizontal regular, glasses filled, glasses regular, glasses off filled, glasses off regular, globe filled, globe regular, globe add filled, globe add regular, globe clock filled, globe clock regular, globe desktop filled, globe desktop regular, globe location filled, globe location regular, globe person filled, globe person regular, globe prohibited filled, globe prohibited regular, globe search filled, globe search regular, globe shield filled, globe shield regular, globe star filled, globe star regular, globe surface filled, globe surface regular, globe video filled, globe video regular, grid filled, grid regular, grid dots filled, grid dots regular, grid kanban filled, grid kanban regular, group filled, group regular, group dismiss filled, group dismiss regular, group list filled, group list regular, group return filled, group return regular, guardian filled, guardian regular, guest filled, guest regular, guest add filled, guest add regular, guitar filled, guitar regular, handshake filled, handshake regular, hand draw filled, hand draw regular, hand left filled, hand left regular, hand left chat filled, hand left chat regular, hand open heart filled, hand open heart regular, hand right filled, hand right regular, hand right off filled, hand right off regular, hand wave filled, hand wave regular, hard drive filled, hard drive regular, hat graduation filled, hat graduation regular, hd filled, hd regular, hdr filled, hdr regular, hdr off filled, hdr off regular, headphones filled, headphones regular, headphones sound wave filled, headphones sound wave regular, headset filled, headset regular, headset add filled, headset add regular, headset vr filled, headset vr regular, heart filled, heart regular, heart broken filled, heart broken regular, heart circle filled, heart circle regular, heart pulse filled, heart pulse regular, highlight filled, highlight regular, highlight accent filled, highlight link filled, highlight link regular, history filled, history regular, history dismiss filled, history dismiss regular, home filled, home regular, home add filled, home add regular, home checkmark filled, home checkmark regular, home database filled, home database regular, home more filled, home more regular, home person filled, home person regular, icons filled, icons regular, image filled, image regular, image add filled, image add regular, image alt text filled, image alt text regular, image arrow back filled, image arrow back regular, image arrow counterclockwise filled, image arrow counterclockwise regular, image arrow forward filled, image arrow forward regular, image copy filled, image copy regular, image edit filled, image edit regular, image globe filled, image globe regular, image multiple filled, image multiple regular, image multiple off filled, image multiple off regular, image off filled, image off regular, image prohibited filled, image prohibited regular, image reflection filled, image reflection regular, image search filled, image search regular, image shadow filled, image shadow regular, immersive reader filled, immersive reader regular, important filled, important regular, incognito filled, incognito regular, info filled, info regular, info shield filled, info shield regular, inking tool filled, inking tool regular, inking tool accent filled, ink stroke filled, ink stroke regular, inprivate account filled, inprivate account regular, insert filled, insert regular, ios chevron right filled, ios chevron right regular, iot filled, iot regular, javascript filled, javascript regular, joystick filled, joystick regular, key filled, key regular, keyboard filled, keyboard regular, keyboard 123 filled, keyboard 123 regular, keyboard dock filled, keyboard dock regular, keyboard layout float filled, keyboard layout float regular, keyboard layout one handed left filled, keyboard layout one handed left regular, keyboard layout resize filled, keyboard layout resize regular, keyboard layout split filled, keyboard layout split regular, keyboard shift filled, keyboard shift regular, keyboard shift uppercase filled, keyboard shift uppercase regular, keyboard tab filled, keyboard tab regular, key command filled, key command regular, key multiple filled, key multiple regular, key reset filled, key reset regular, laptop filled, laptop regular, laptop dismiss filled, laptop dismiss regular, laser tool filled, laser tool regular, lasso filled, lasso regular, launcher settings filled, launcher settings regular, layer filled, layer regular, layer diagonal filled, layer diagonal regular, layer diagonal person filled, layer diagonal person regular, leaf one filled, leaf one regular, leaf three filled, leaf three regular, leaf two filled, leaf two regular, learning app filled, learning app regular, library filled, library regular, lightbulb filled, lightbulb regular, lightbulb circle filled, lightbulb circle regular, lightbulb filament filled, lightbulb filament regular, likert filled, likert regular, line filled, line regular, line dashes filled, line dashes regular, line horizontal 1 filled, line horizontal 1 regular, line horizontal 3 filled, line horizontal 3 regular, line horizontal 5 filled, line horizontal 5 regular, line horizontal 5 error filled, line horizontal 5 error regular, line style filled, line style regular, link filled, link regular, link dismiss filled, link dismiss regular, link edit filled, link edit regular, link square filled, link square regular, link toolbox filled, link toolbox regular, list filled, list regular, live filled, live regular, live off filled, live off regular, local language filled, local language regular, location filled, location regular, location add filled, location add regular, location add left filled, location add left regular, location add right filled, location add right regular, location add up filled, location add up regular, location dismiss filled, location dismiss regular, location live filled, location live regular, location off filled, location off regular, lock closed filled, lock closed regular, 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regular, match app layout filled, match app layout regular, math format linear filled, math format linear regular, math format professional filled, math format professional regular, math formula filled, math formula regular, math symbols filled, math symbols regular, maximize filled, maximize regular, meet now filled, meet now regular, megaphone filled, megaphone regular, megaphone loud filled, megaphone loud regular, megaphone off filled, megaphone off regular, mention filled, mention regular, mention arrow down filled, mention arrow down regular, mention brackets filled, mention brackets regular, merge filled, merge regular, mic filled, mic regular, microscope filled, microscope regular, mic off filled, mic off regular, mic prohibited filled, mic prohibited regular, mic pulse filled, mic pulse regular, mic pulse off filled, mic pulse off regular, mic settings filled, mic settings regular, mic sparkle filled, mic sparkle regular, mic sync filled, mic sync regular, midi filled, midi 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2 play filled, music note 2 play regular, music note off 1 filled, music note off 1 regular, music note off 2 filled, music note off 2 regular, my location filled, my location regular, navigation filled, navigation regular, navigation location target filled, navigation location target regular, navigation play filled, navigation play regular, navigation unread filled, navigation unread regular, network check filled, network check regular, new filled, new regular, news filled, news regular, next filled, next regular, note filled, note regular, notebook filled, notebook regular, notebook add filled, notebook add regular, notebook arrow curve down filled, notebook arrow curve down regular, notebook error filled, notebook error regular, notebook eye filled, notebook eye regular, notebook lightning filled, notebook lightning regular, notebook question mark filled, notebook question mark regular, notebook section filled, notebook section regular, notebook subsection filled, notebook 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circle regular, person clock filled, person clock regular, person delete filled, person delete regular, person edit filled, person edit regular, person feedback filled, person feedback regular, person heart filled, person heart regular, person info filled, person info regular, person key filled, person key regular, person lightbulb filled, person lightbulb regular, person lock filled, person lock regular, person mail filled, person mail regular, person money filled, person money regular, person note filled, person note regular, person pill filled, person pill regular, person prohibited filled, person prohibited regular, person question mark filled, person question mark regular, person running filled, person running regular, person settings filled, person settings regular, person star filled, person star regular, person subtract filled, person subtract regular, person support filled, person support regular, person swap filled, person swap regular, person sync filled, person sync 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rectangle landscape filled, rectangle landscape regular, rectangle portrait location target filled, rectangle portrait location target regular, recycle filled, recycle regular, remote filled, remote regular, rename filled, rename regular, reorder filled, reorder regular, replay filled, replay regular, resize filled, resize regular, resize image filled, resize image regular, resize large filled, resize large regular, resize small filled, resize small regular, resize table filled, resize table regular, resize video filled, resize video regular, reward filled, reward regular, rewind filled, rewind regular, re order dots horizontal filled, re order dots horizontal regular, re order dots vertical filled, re order dots vertical regular, rhombus filled, rhombus regular, ribbon filled, ribbon regular, ribbon add filled, ribbon add regular, ribbon off filled, ribbon off regular, ribbon star filled, ribbon star regular, road cone filled, road cone regular, rocket filled, rocket regular, rotate left filled, rotate left regular, rotate right filled, rotate right regular, router filled, router regular, row triple filled, row triple regular, rss filled, rss regular, ruler filled, ruler regular, run filled, run regular, sanitize filled, sanitize regular, save filled, save regular, save arrow right filled, save arrow right regular, save copy filled, save copy regular, save edit filled, save edit regular, save image filled, save image regular, save multiple filled, save multiple regular, save search filled, save search regular, save sync filled, save sync regular, savings filled, savings regular, scales filled, scales regular, scale fill filled, scale fill regular, scale fit filled, scale fit regular, scan filled, scan regular, scan camera filled, scan camera regular, scan dash filled, scan dash regular, scan object filled, scan object regular, scan table filled, scan table regular, scan text filled, scan text regular, scan thumb up filled, scan thumb up regular, scan thumb up off filled, scan thumb up off regular, scan type filled, scan type regular, scan type checkmark filled, scan type checkmark regular, scan type off filled, scan type off regular, scratchpad filled, scratchpad regular, screenshot filled, screenshot regular, screen cut filled, screen cut regular, screen person filled, screen person regular, screen search filled, screen search regular, search filled, search regular, search info filled, search info regular, search settings filled, search settings regular, search shield filled, search shield regular, search square filled, search square regular, search visual filled, search visual regular, select all off filled, select all off regular, select all on filled, select all on regular, select object filled, select object regular, select object skew filled, select object skew regular, select object skew dismiss filled, select object skew dismiss regular, select object skew edit filled, select object skew edit regular, send filled, send regular, send clock filled, send clock regular, send copy filled, send copy regular, serial port filled, serial port regular, server filled, server regular, server multiple filled, server multiple regular, server play filled, server play regular, service bell filled, service bell regular, settings filled, settings regular, settings chat filled, settings chat regular, shapes filled, shapes regular, shape exclude filled, shape exclude regular, shape intersect filled, shape intersect regular, shape subtract filled, shape subtract regular, shape union filled, shape union regular, share filled, share regular, share android filled, share android regular, share close tray filled, share close tray regular, share ios filled, share ios regular, share screen person filled, share screen person regular, share screen person overlay filled, share screen person overlay regular, share screen person overlay inside filled, share screen person overlay inside regular, share screen person p filled, share screen person p regular, share screen start filled, share screen start regular, share screen stop filled, share screen stop regular, shield filled, shield regular, shield badge filled, shield badge regular, shield checkmark filled, shield checkmark regular, shield dismiss filled, shield dismiss regular, shield dismiss shield filled, shield dismiss shield regular, shield error filled, shield error regular, shield globe filled, shield globe regular, shield keyhole filled, shield keyhole regular, shield lock filled, shield lock regular, shield person filled, shield person regular, shield person add filled, shield person add regular, shield prohibited filled, shield prohibited regular, shield question filled, shield question regular, shield task filled, shield task regular, shifts filled, shifts regular, shifts 30 minutes filled, shifts 30 minutes regular, shifts activity filled, shifts activity regular, shifts add filled, shifts add regular, shifts availability filled, shifts availability regular, shifts checkmark filled, shifts checkmark regular, shifts day filled, shifts day regular, shifts open filled, shifts open regular, shifts prohibited filled, shifts prohibited regular, shifts question mark filled, shifts question mark regular, shifts team filled, shifts team regular, shopping bag filled, shopping bag regular, shopping bag arrow left filled, shopping bag arrow left regular, shopping bag dismiss filled, shopping bag dismiss regular, shopping bag pause filled, shopping bag pause regular, shopping bag percent filled, shopping bag percent regular, shopping bag play filled, shopping bag play regular, shopping bag tag filled, shopping bag tag regular, shortpick filled, shortpick regular, sidebar search ltr filled, sidebar search ltr regular, sidebar search rtl filled, sidebar search rtl regular, signature filled, signature regular, sign out filled, sign out regular, sim filled, sim regular, skip back 10 filled, skip back 10 regular, skip forward 10 filled, skip forward 10 regular, skip forward 30 filled, skip forward 30 regular, skip forward tab filled, skip forward tab regular, sleep filled, sleep regular, slide add filled, slide add regular, slide arrow right filled, slide arrow right regular, slide eraser filled, slide eraser regular, slide grid filled, slide grid regular, slide hide filled, slide hide regular, slide layout filled, slide layout regular, slide link filled, slide link regular, slide microphone filled, slide microphone regular, slide multiple filled, slide multiple regular, slide multiple arrow right filled, slide multiple arrow right regular, slide multiple search filled, slide multiple search regular, slide search filled, slide search regular, slide settings filled, slide settings regular, slide size filled, slide size regular, slide text filled, slide text regular, slide transition filled, slide transition regular, smartwatch filled, smartwatch regular, smartwatch dot filled, smartwatch dot regular, snooze filled, snooze regular, sound source filled, sound source regular, sound wave circle filled, sound wave circle regular, spacebar filled, spacebar regular, sparkle filled, sparkle regular, speaker 0 filled, speaker 0 regular, speaker 1 filled, speaker 1 regular, speaker 2 filled, speaker 2 regular, speaker bluetooth filled, speaker bluetooth regular, speaker edit filled, speaker edit regular, speaker mute filled, speaker mute regular, speaker off filled, speaker off regular, speaker settings filled, speaker settings regular, speaker usb filled, speaker usb regular, spinner ios filled, spinner ios regular, split hint filled, split hint regular, split horizontal filled, split horizontal regular, split vertical filled, split vertical regular, sport filled, sport regular, sport american football filled, sport american football regular, sport baseball filled, sport baseball regular, sport basketball filled, sport basketball regular, sport hockey filled, sport hockey regular, sport soccer filled, sport soccer regular, square filled, square regular, squares nested filled, squares nested regular, square add filled, square add regular, square arrow forward filled, square arrow forward regular, square dismiss filled, square dismiss regular, square eraser filled, square eraser regular, square hint filled, square hint regular, square hint apps filled, square hint apps regular, square hint arrow back filled, square hint arrow back regular, square hint sparkles filled, square hint sparkles regular, square multiple filled, square multiple regular, square shadow filled, square shadow regular, stack filled, stack regular, stack arrow forward filled, stack arrow forward regular, stack star filled, stack star regular, star filled, star regular, star add filled, star add regular, star arrow right end filled, star arrow right end regular, star arrow right start filled, star arrow right start regular, star dismiss filled, star dismiss regular, star edit filled, star edit regular, star emphasis filled, star emphasis regular, star half filled, star half regular, star line horizontal 3 filled, star line horizontal 3 regular, star off filled, star off regular, star one quarter filled, star one quarter regular, star prohibited filled, star prohibited regular, star settings filled, star settings regular, star three quarter filled, star three quarter regular, status filled, status regular, steps filled, steps regular, stethoscope filled, stethoscope regular, sticker filled, sticker regular, sticker add filled, sticker add regular, stop filled, stop regular, storage filled, storage regular, store microsoft filled, store microsoft regular, stream filled, stream regular, stream input filled, stream input regular, stream input output filled, stream input output regular, stream output filled, stream output regular, style guide filled, style guide regular, subtitles filled, subtitles regular, subtract circle filled, subtract circle regular, subtract circle arrow back filled, subtract circle arrow back regular, subtract circle arrow forward filled, subtract circle arrow forward regular, subtract square filled, subtract square regular, subtract square multiple filled, subtract square multiple regular, sub grid filled, sub grid regular, surface earbuds filled, surface earbuds regular, surface hub filled, surface hub regular, swipe down filled, swipe down regular, swipe right filled, swipe right regular, swipe up filled, swipe up regular, symbols filled, symbols regular, sync off filled, sync off regular, syringe filled, syringe regular, system filled, system regular, tab filled, tab regular, table filled, table regular, tablet filled, tablet regular, tablet speaker filled, tablet speaker regular, table add filled, table add regular, table bottom row filled, table bottom row regular, table calculator filled, table calculator regular, table cells merge filled, table cells merge regular, table cells split filled, table cells split regular, table cell edit filled, table cell edit regular, table checker filled, table checker regular, table copy filled, table copy regular, table delete column filled, table delete column regular, table delete row filled, table delete row regular, table dismiss filled, table dismiss regular, table edit filled, table edit regular, table freeze column filled, table freeze column regular, table freeze column and row filled, table freeze column and row regular, table freeze row filled, table freeze row regular, table image filled, table image regular, table insert column filled, table insert column regular, table insert row filled, table insert row regular, table lightning filled, table lightning regular, table link filled, table link regular, table move above filled, table move above regular, table move below filled, table move below regular, table move left filled, table move left regular, table move right filled, table move right regular, table multiple filled, table multiple regular, table resize column filled, table resize column regular, table resize row filled, table resize row regular, table search filled, table search regular, table settings filled, table settings regular, table simple filled, table simple regular, table split filled, table split regular, table stack above filled, table stack above regular, table stack below filled, table stack below regular, table stack left filled, table stack left regular, table stack right filled, table stack right regular, table switch filled, table switch regular, tabs filled, tabs regular, tab add filled, tab add regular, tab arrow left filled, tab arrow left regular, tab desktop filled, tab desktop regular, tab desktop arrow clockwise filled, tab desktop arrow clockwise regular, tab desktop arrow left filled, tab desktop arrow left regular, tab desktop bottom filled, tab desktop bottom regular, tab desktop clock filled, tab desktop clock regular, tab desktop copy filled, tab desktop copy regular, tab desktop image filled, tab desktop image regular, tab desktop multiple 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