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Fluent UI System Icons

Author: Microsoft Website: https://opensource.microsoft.com/
License: MIT License Total icons: 4940 Published: 17 Aug, 2022
Keywords: fluent, ui, system, icons, free icons, freebies icons, freebies png, download free iconsaccessibility filled, accessibility regular, accessibility checkmark filled, accessibility checkmark regular, access time filled, access time regular, add filled, add regular, add circle filled, add circle regular, add square filled, add square regular, add square multiple filled, add square multiple regular, add subtract circle filled, add subtract circle regular, airplane filled, airplane regular, airplane take off filled, airplane take off regular, album filled, album regular, album add filled, album add regular, alert filled, alert regular, alert badge filled, alert badge regular, alert off filled, alert off regular, alert on filled, alert on regular, alert snooze filled, alert snooze regular, alert urgent filled, alert urgent regular, align bottom filled, align bottom regular, align center horizontal filled, align center horizontal regular, align center vertical filled, align center vertical regular, align end horizontal filled, align end horizontal regular, align end vertical filled, align end vertical regular, align left filled, align left regular, align right filled, align right regular, align space around horizontal filled, align space around horizontal regular, align space around vertical filled, align space around vertical regular, align space between horizontal filled, align space between horizontal regular, align space between vertical filled, align space between vertical regular, align space evenly horizontal filled, align space evenly horizontal regular, align space evenly vertical filled, align space evenly vertical regular, align space fit vertical filled, align space fit vertical regular, align start horizontal filled, align start horizontal regular, align start vertical filled, align start vertical regular, align stretch horizontal filled, align stretch horizontal regular, align stretch vertical filled, align stretch vertical regular, align top filled, align top regular, animal cat filled, animal cat regular, animal dog filled, animal dog regular, animal rabbit filled, animal rabbit regular, animal rabbit off filled, animal rabbit off regular, animal turtle filled, animal turtle regular, approvals app filled, approvals app regular, apps filled, apps regular, apps add in filled, apps add in regular,
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