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Author: Google Website: https://material.io/design/iconography/
License: Apache License 2.0 Total icons: 11 Published: 9 Jun, 2018
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Google: svg, app, application, google, message, messenger, icon
Google: svg, android, m, google, marshmallow, os, smartphone, icon
Google: svg, android, n, google, n, os, smartphone, icon
Google: svg, application, assistant, google, icon
Google: svg, duo, google, message, messenger, talk, video, icon
Google: svg, developer, firebase, google, programming, icon
Google: svg, daydream, game, google, joystick, icon
Google: svg, daydream, google, joystick, icon
Google: svg, google, help, home, house, ok, google, technology, icon
Google: svg, google, icon
Google: svg, io, icon

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