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Icons8 Mobile Icons

Author: Icons8.com Website: https://icons8.com/
License: Good Boy License Total icons: 61 Published: 10 Mar, 2019
Keywords: icons8, mobile, icons, free icons, freebies icons, freebies png, download free iconsairplane mode off, android tablet, android, attach, authentication, battery level, blackberry, block microphone, bluetooth, callback, cellular network, charged battery, charging battery, chat, classic phone, consumer electronics, contacts, earbud headphones, email, end call, google mobile, headset, ipad mini, ipad, lock smartphone, locked smartphone, low battery, magnifying glass with minus, magnifying glass with plus, missed call, mms, mobile phone, mobile, multiple smartphones, nfc tag, nfc, no synchronize, no video, number pad, online, phone outline 2, phone outline, push notifications, rotate phone clockwise, shake phone, sim card, smart phone outline, smartphone tablet, sms, speaker, speech bubble, switch phone orientation, toggle off, toggle on, transfer a phone call, two finger tap, video call, voicemail, windows tablet, wireless network, 131964728932825392,

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