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Author: Mikolaj Dobrucki Website: http://www.mikolajdobrucki.com/
License: MIT license Total icons: 327 Published: 19 Oct, 2020
Keywords: ikonate, free icons, freebies icons, freebies png, download free iconsaccessibility human, accessibility, activity, add to list, add, alarm, align center, align left, align right, anchor, aperture, apps alt, apps, arrow down circle, arrow down, arrow left bottom, arrow left circle, arrow left top, arrow left, arrow right bottom, arrow right circle, arrow right top, arrow right, arrow up circle, arrow up, back alt, back left, back right, back, bag, basket, basketball, battery alt, battery charging, battery full, battery low, battery medium, battery, bell, bike, bin, bluetooth, bolt, book opened, book, bookmark, box alt, box alt2, box, brightness, bug, calendar add, calendar decline, calendar event, calendar, camera rear, camera, cancel, car alt, car, cards, cart add, cart, celluar, chart, chat add, chat alt, chat remove, chat warning, chat, checkbox intermediate, checkbox, chevron down, chevron left, chevron right, chevron up, chevrons down, chevrons left, chevrons right, chevrons up, circle, clip, clipboard, close, cloud crossed, cloud upload, cloud, code alt, code, coffee, colours, component, contact book, contrast, control centre, controls alt, controls vertical alt, controls, copy, credit card, crop, crossing, cup, cursor, cut, danger, dashboard, delete, dialpad, diamond, direction left, direction right, directions left, directions right, disc, dolar, download, drop, ear, edit, ellypsis vertical, ellypsis, entrance, envelope alt, envelope, error, exit, explore, extension, eye closed, eye crossed, eye, favourite, feather, feed, file, film, filter, fit, flag, flower, folder add, folder remove, folder warning, folder, forward, glasses, grid alt, grid small, grid, hamburger, happy face, hash, hdr, headphones, hearing disability, help, history, home alt, home alt2, home, horn, hourglass, image, inbox alt, inbox, info, iphone, justify, key, language, laptop, layers, layout left, layout right, lightbulb, line chart, link, list alt, list view, list, location, lock alt open, lock alt, lock open, lock, map, marker, mask, maximise, microphone, minimise, minus, moon, mouse, music, mute, neutral face, new, news, next alt, next, night mode, no entry, not allowed, notebook, octagon, ok circle, ok, origin, pan, paperclip, pause circle, pause, pen, people, person add, person, phone, pie chart, pizza, placeholder, plane, play, plus, poll, power, presentation, previous alt, previous, print, qr, radio button selected, radio button, radio, rain, rectangle, redo, refresh, remove, repeat, restaurant, return, retweet, rocket, rotate, rss, sad face, save, search, send, settings, share android, share ios, share, shield, shift, shuffle, sign language, signal alt, signal, skull, smartphone, snow, sort down, sort up, sorting, sounds, spam, stack, star, stats alt, stats, sticker, stop, stopwatch, suitcase alt, suitcase, sun cloud, sun, sunset, support alt, support, swap horizontal, swap vertical, switch off, switch on, table horizontal, table vertical, tag alt, tag, text, thermometer, thumb down, thumb up, thunder, time, timer, tool, train, transport, trending down, trending up, turn left, turn right, tv, typography, umbrella, undo, upload, user, verified, vertical, video, voicemail, volume loud, volume off, volume quiet, walking, wallpaper, watch, wheelchair, wifi, window, wine, zoom in, zoom out,