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Linea Complete 1.0 Arrows

Author: Dario Ferrando
License: CCBY LICENSE Total icons: 135 Published: 30 Mar, 2019
Keywords: linea, complete, 1.0, arrows, free icons, freebies icons, freebies png, download free iconsanticlockwise, anticlockwise dashed, button down, button off, button on, button up, check, circle check, circle down, circle downleft, circle downright, circle left, circle minus, circle plus, circle remove, circle right, circle up, circle upleft, circle upright, clockwise, clockwise dashed, compress, deny, diagonal, diagonal2, down, downleft, downright, down double 34, drag down, drag down dashed, drag horiz, drag left, drag left dashed, drag right, drag right dashed, drag up, drag up dashed, drag vert, exclamation, expand, expand diagonal1, expand horizontal1, expand vertical1, fit horizontal, fit vertical, glide, glide horizontal, glide vertical, hamburger 2, hamburger1, horizontal, info, keyboard alt, keyboard cmd 29, keyboard delete, keyboard down 28, keyboard left, keyboard return, keyboard right, keyboard shift, keyboard tab, keyboard up, left, left double 32, minus, move, move2, move bottom, move left, move right, move top, plus, question, remove, right, right double 31, rotate, rotate anti, rotate anti dashed, rotate dashed, shrink, shrink diagonal1, shrink diagonal2, shrink horizonal2, shrink horizontal1, shrink vertical1, shrink vertical2, sign down, sign left, sign right, sign up, slide down1, slide down2, slide left1, slide left2, slide right1, slide right2, slide up1, slide up2, slim down, slim down dashed, slim left, slim left dashed, slim right, slim right dashed, slim up, slim up dashed, squares, square check, square down, square downleft, square downright, square left, square minus, square plus, square remove, square right, square up, square upleft, square upright, stretch diagonal1, stretch diagonal2, stretch diagonal3, stretch diagonal4, stretch horizontal1, stretch horizontal2, stretch vertical1, stretch vertical2, switch horizontal, switch vertical, up, upright, up double, vertical,