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link network share icon

link, network, share, icon, association, channel, contact, element, hookup, network, relationship, tie, articulation, attachment, bond

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Essential App 1: key, passcode, password, icon, basic, crucial, decisive, fundamental, indispensable, leading, main, major, pivotal, primary, principal
Essential App 1: customize, panel, refine, tune, icon, custom-make, tailor-make, personalize, tailor, contrive, design, fashion, board, bureau, cabinet
Essential App 1: celebrate, drink, wine, icon, honor, laud, observe, perform, praise, proclaim, revere, bless, carouse, commend, consecrate
Essential App 1: casual, cloth, outfit, shirt, icon, occasional, offhand, spontaneous, accidental, adventitious, by chance, contingent, erratic, extemporaneous, extempore
Essential App 1: clip, file, save, icon, mow, prune, shave, shear, snip, trim, bob, crop, curtail, cut, decrease
Essential App 1: horseshoe, magnatic, magnet, power, snap, icon, arc, arch, contour, loop, trajectory, ambit, bend, bight, bow
Essential App 1: chart, coin, equalizer, icon, blueprint, graph, sketch, table, diagram, outline, plat, plot, scheme, tabulation, rough draft
Essential App 1: guarantee, price, ribbon, icon, agreement, assurance, certificate, collateral, contract, deposit, insurance, security, warranty, attestation, bail
Essential App 1: paper, shopping, store, icon, cardboard, disposable, insubstantial, paper-thin, papery, wafer-thin, browsing, e-commerce, spending, purchasing, electronic commerce
Essential App 1: buy, retail, shopping, icon, acquisition, bargain, investment, purchase, closeout, deal, steal, value, good deal, peddle, barter
Essential App 1: buy, cash, money, pay, icon, acquisition, bargain, investment, purchase, closeout, deal, steal, value, good deal, buck
Essential App 1: cash, money, pay, icon, buck, currency, investment, note, payment, refund, reserve, security, stock, supply, banknote
Essential App 1: box, cube, shipping, icon, carton, crate, pack, package, trunk, bin, case, casket, chest, coffer, portmanteau
Essential App 1: safety, security, shield, icon, freedom, security, assurance, asylum, cover, defense, immunity, impregnability, invulnerability, refuge, safeness
Essential App 1: chart, organization, structure, icon, blueprint, graph, sketch, table, diagram, outline, plat, plot, scheme, tabulation, rough draft
Essential App 1: bookmark, flag, important, icon, clip, flag, flap, holder, logo, loop, marker, slip, sticker, stop, strip
Essential App 1: left, off, on, icon, larboard, near, port, south, hard to left, nigh side, portside, sinister, sinistral, outside, absent
Essential App 1: off, on, right, icon, outside, absent, finished, postponed, slight, slim, inoperative, negligible, not employed, not on duty, on vacation
Essential App 1: day, light, sun, icon, daylight, daytime, light, sunlight, sunshine, astronomical day, bright, dawn-to-dark, diurnal course, early bright, light of day
Essential App 1: customer, life, saver, support, icon, client, consumer, patron, purchaser, clientele, prospect, habitué, regular shopper, activity, growth
Essential App 1: purchase, shopping, trolley, icon, acquisition, asset, investment, acquirement, bargain, booty, buy, gain, property, steal, browsing
Essential App 1: diagram, flow, process, icon, blueprint, chart, description, design, draft, figure, game, layout, outline, perspective, representation
Essential App 1: mobile, signal, stat, wifi, icon, ambulatory, fluid, free, itinerant, liquid, locomotive, migrant, motile, peripatetic, portable
Essential App 1: experiment, flask, lab, science, icon, analysis, attempt, enterprise, examination, exercise, experimentation, measure, observation, operation, practice
Essential App 1: data, group, organize, icon, dossier, evidence, goods, info, input, knowledge, picture, statistics, testimony, circumstances, conclusions
Essential App 1: course, degree, education, university, icon, development, line, plan, policy, procedure, program, series, system, way, advancement
Essential App 1: destop, it, website, icon, allure, appeal, attractiveness, interest, allurement, bait, captivation, charm, chemistry, come-on, courting
Essential App 1: laptop, mobile, website, icon, desktop computer, minicomputer, workstation, IBM PC, Macintosh, PC, clone, computer, home computer, mac, microcomputer
Essential App 1: moon, night, stars, icon, crescent, half-moon, planetoid, pumpkin, satellite, celestial body, full moon, heavenly body, new moon, old moon, orb of night
Essential App 1: hosting, server, storage, web, icon, introduce, present, receive, treat, do the honors, pick up the check, spread oneself, throw a party, wine and dine, assistant
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