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Author: Lucide Website: https://lucide.dev/
License: ISC license Total icons: 822 Published: 2 Aug, 2022
Keywords: lucide, free icons, freebies icons, freebies png, download free iconsaccessibility, activity, air vent, airplay, alarm check, alarm clock off, alarm clock, alarm minus, alarm plus, album, alert circle, alert octagon, alert triangle, align center horizontal, align center vertical, align center, align end horizontal, align end vertical, align horizontal distribute center, align horizontal distribute end, align horizontal distribute start, align horizontal justify center, align horizontal justify end, align horizontal justify start, align horizontal space around, align horizontal space between, align justify, align left, align right, align start horizontal, align start vertical, align vertical distribute center, align vertical distribute end, align vertical distribute start, align vertical justify center, align vertical justify end, align vertical justify start, align vertical space around, align vertical space between, anchor, angry, annoyed, aperture, apple, archive restore, archive, armchair, arrow big down, arrow big left, arrow big right, arrow big up, arrow down circle, arrow down left, arrow down right, arrow down, arrow left circle, arrow left right, arrow left, arrow right circle, arrow right, arrow up circle, arrow up left, arrow up right, arrow up, asterisk, at sign, award, axe, axis 3d, baby, backpack, baggage claim, banana, banknote, bar chart 2, bar chart 3, bar chart 4, bar chart horizontal, bar chart, baseline, bath, battery charging, battery full, battery low, battery medium, battery, beaker, bed double, bed single, bed,