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Author: Lucide Website: https://lucide.dev/
License: ISC license Total icons: 822 Published: 2 Aug, 2022
Keywords: lucide, free icons, freebies icons, freebies png, download free iconsaccessibility, activity, air vent, airplay, alarm check, alarm clock off, alarm clock, alarm minus, alarm plus, album, alert circle, alert octagon, alert triangle, align center horizontal, align center vertical, align center, align end horizontal, align end vertical, align horizontal distribute center, align horizontal distribute end, align horizontal distribute start, align horizontal justify center, align horizontal justify end, align horizontal justify start, align horizontal space around, align horizontal space between, align justify, align left, align right, align start horizontal, align start vertical, align vertical distribute center, align vertical distribute end, align vertical distribute start, align vertical justify center, align vertical justify end, align vertical justify start, align vertical space around, align vertical space between, anchor, angry, annoyed, aperture, apple, archive restore, archive, armchair, arrow big down, arrow big left, arrow big right, arrow big up, arrow down circle, arrow down left, arrow down right, arrow down, arrow left circle, arrow left right, arrow left, arrow right circle, arrow right, arrow up circle, arrow up left, arrow up right, arrow up, asterisk, at sign, award, axe, axis 3d, baby, backpack, baggage claim, banana, banknote, bar chart 2, bar chart 3, bar chart 4, bar chart horizontal, bar chart, baseline, bath, battery charging, battery full, battery low, battery medium, battery, beaker, bed double, bed single, bed, beer, bell minus, bell off, bell plus, bell ring, bell, bike, binary, bitcoin, bluetooth connected, bluetooth off, bluetooth searching, bluetooth, bold, bomb, bone, book open, book, bookmark minus, bookmark plus, bookmark, bot, box select, box, boxes, briefcase, brush, bug, building 2, building, bus, cake, calculator, calendar check 2, calendar check, calendar clock, calendar days, calendar heart, calendar minus, calendar off, calendar plus, calendar range, calendar search, calendar x 2, calendar x, calendar, camera off, camera, car, carrot, cast, check circle 2, check circle, check square, check, chef hat, cherry, chevron down, chevron first, chevron last, chevron left, chevron right, chevron up, chevrons down up, chevrons down, chevrons left right, chevrons left, chevrons right left, chevrons right, chevrons up down, chevrons up, chrome, cigarette off, cigarette, circle dot, circle ellipsis, circle slashed, circle, citrus, clapperboard, clipboard check, clipboard copy, clipboard edit, clipboard list, clipboard signature, clipboard type, clipboard x, clipboard, clock 1, clock 10, clock 11, clock 12, clock 2, clock 3, clock 4, clock 5, clock 6, clock 7, clock 8, clock 9, clock, cloud cog, cloud drizzle, cloud fog, cloud hail, cloud lightning, cloud moon rain, cloud moon, cloud off, cloud rain wind, cloud rain, cloud snow, cloud sun rain, cloud sun, cloud, cloudy, clover, code 2, code, codepen, codesandbox, coffee, cog, coins, columns, command, compass, component, contact, contrast, cookie, copy, copyleft, copyright, corner down left, corner down right, corner left down, corner left up, corner right down, corner right up, corner up left, corner up right, cpu, credit card, croissant, crop, cross, crosshair, crown, cup soda, curly braces, currency, database, delete, diamond, dice 1, dice 2, dice 3, dice 4, dice 5, dice 6, dices, diff, disc, divide circle, divide square, divide, dollar sign, download cloud, download, dribbble, droplet, droplets, drumstick, edit 2, edit 3, edit, egg fried, egg, equal not, equal, eraser, euro, expand, external link, eye off, eye, facebook, factory, fast forward, feather, figma, file archive, file audio 2, file audio, file axis 3d, file badge 2, file badge, file bar chart 2, file bar chart, file box, file check 2, file check, file clock, file code, file cog 2, file cog, file diff, file digit, file down, file edit, file heart, file image, file input, file json 2, file json, file key 2, file key, file line chart, file lock 2, file lock, file minus 2, file minus, file output, file pie chart, file plus 2, file plus, file question, file scan, file search 2, file search, file signature, file spreadsheet, file symlink, file terminal, file text, file type 2, file type, file up, file video 2, file video, file volume 2, file volume, file warning, file x 2, file x, file, files, film, filter, fingerprint, flag off, flag triangle left, flag triangle right, flag, flame, flashlight off, flashlight, flask conical, flask round, flip horizontal 2, flip horizontal, flip vertical 2, flip vertical, flower 2, flower, focus, folder archive, folder check, folder clock, folder closed, folder cog 2, folder cog, folder down, folder edit, folder heart, folder input, folder key, folder lock, folder minus, folder open, folder output, folder plus, folder search 2, folder search, folder symlink, folder tree, folder up, folder x, folder, folders, form input, forward, frame, framer, frown, fuel, function square, gamepad 2, gamepad, gauge, gavel, gem, ghost, gift, git branch plus, git branch, git commit, git compare, git fork, git merge, git pull request closed, git pull request draft, git pull request, github, gitlab, glass water, glasses, globe 2, globe, grab, graduation cap, grape, grid, grip horizontal, grip vertical, hammer, hand metal, hand, hard drive, hard hat, hash, haze, headphones, heart crack, heart handshake, heart off, heart pulse, heart, help circle, hexagon, highlighter, history, home, hourglass, ice cream, image minus, image off, image plus, image, import, inbox, indent, indian rupee, infinity, info, inspect, instagram, italic, japanese yen, joystick, key, keyboard, lamp ceiling, lamp desk, lamp floor, lamp wall down, lamp wall up, lamp, landmark, languages, laptop 2, laptop, lasso select, lasso, laugh, layers, layout dashboard, layout grid, layout list, layout template, layout, leaf, library, life buoy, lightbulb off, lightbulb, line chart, link 2 off, link 2, link, linkedin, list checks, list end, list minus, list music, list ordered, list plus, list start, list video, list x, list, loader 2, loader, locate fixed, locate off, locate, lock, log in, log out, luggage, magnet, mail check, mail minus, mail open, mail plus, mail question, mail search, mail warning, mail x, mail, mails, map pin off, map pin, map, martini, maximize 2, maximize, medal, megaphone off, megaphone, meh, menu, message circle, message square, mic 2, mic off, mic, microscope, milestone, minimize 2, minimize, minus circle, minus square, minus, monitor off, monitor speaker, monitor, moon, more horizontal, more vertical, mountain snow, mountain, mouse pointer 2, mouse pointer click, mouse pointer, mouse, move 3d, move diagonal 2, move diagonal, move horizontal, move vertical, move, music 2, music 3, music 4, music, navigation 2 off, navigation 2, navigation off, navigation, network, newspaper, octagon, option, outdent, package 2, package check, package minus, package open, package plus, package search, package x, package, paint bucket, paintbrush 2, paintbrush, palette, palmtree, paperclip, party popper, pause circle, pause octagon, pause, pen tool, pencil, percent, person standing, phone call, phone forwarded, phone incoming, phone missed, phone off, phone outgoing, phone, pie chart, piggy bank, pin off, pin, pipette, pizza, plane, play circle, play, plug zap, plus circle, plus square, plus, pocket, podcast, pointer, pound sterling, power off, power, printer, puzzle, qr code, quote, radio receiver, radio, recycle, redo 2, redo, refresh ccw, refresh cw, regex, repeat 1, repeat, reply all, reply, rewind, rocket, rocking chair, rotate 3d, rotate ccw, rotate cw, rss, ruler, russian ruble, save, scale 3d, scale, scaling, scan face, scan line, scan, scissors, screen share off, screen share, scroll, search, send, separator horizontal, separator vertical, server cog, server crash, server off, server, settings 2, settings, share 2, share, sheet, shield alert, shield check, shield close, shield off, shield, shirt, shopping bag, shopping cart, shovel, shrink, shrub, shuffle, sidebar close, sidebar open, sidebar, sigma, signal high, signal low, signal medium, signal zero, signal, siren, skip back, skip forward, skull, slack, slash, slice, sliders horizontal, sliders, smartphone charging, smartphone, smile plus, smile, snowflake, sofa, sort asc, sort desc, speaker, sprout, square, star half, star off, star, stethoscope, sticker, sticky note, stop circle, stretch horizontal, stretch vertical, strikethrough, subscript, sun dim, sun medium, sun moon, sun snow, sun, sunrise, sunset, superscript, swiss franc, switch camera, sword, swords, syringe, table 2, table, tablet, tag, tags, target, tent, terminal square, terminal, text cursor input, text cursor, thermometer snowflake, thermometer sun, thermometer, thumbs down, thumbs up, ticket, timer off, timer reset, timer, toggle left, toggle right, tornado, toy brick, train, trash 2, trash, tree deciduous, tree pine, trees, trello, trending down, trending up, triangle, trophy, truck, tv 2, tv, twitch, twitter, type, umbrella, underline, undo 2, undo, unlink 2, unlink, unlock, upload cloud, upload, usb, user check, user cog, user minus, user plus, user x, user, users, utensils crossed, utensils, venetian mask, verified, vibrate off, vibrate, video off, video, view, voicemail, volume 1, volume 2, volume x, volume, wallet, wand 2, wand, watch, waves, webcam, webhook, wifi off, wifi, wind, wine, wrap text, wrench, x circle, x octagon, x square, x, youtube, zap off, zap, zoom in, zoom out,