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Material Design Icons Master Av

Author: Google Website: https://material.io/design/iconography/
License: Apache License 2.0 Total icons: 162 Published: 31 Mar, 2019
Keywords: material, design, icons, master, av, free icons, freebies icons, freebies png, download free iconsadd to queue 24px, add to queue 48px, airplay 24px, airplay 48px, album 24px, album 48px, art track 24px, art track 48px, av timer 24px, av timer 48px, branding watermark 24px, branding watermark 48px, call to action 24px, call to action 48px, closed caption 24px, closed caption 48px, equalizer 24px, equalizer 48px, explicit 24px, explicit 48px, fast forward 24px, fast forward 48px, fast rewind 24px, fast rewind 48px, featured play list 24px, featured play list 48px, featured video 24px, featured video 48px, fiber dvr 24px, fiber dvr 48px, fiber manual record 24px, fiber manual record 48px, fiber new 24px, fiber new 48px, fiber pin 24px, fiber pin 48px, fiber smart record 24px, fiber smart record 48px, forward 10 24px, forward 10 48px, forward 30 24px, forward 30 48px, forward 5 24px, forward 5 48px, games 24px, games 48px, hd 24px, hearing 24px, hearing 48px, high quality 24px, high quality 48px, library add 24px, library add 48px, library books 24px, library books 48px, library music 24px, library music 48px, loop 24px, loop 48px, mic 24px, mic 48px, mic none 24px, mic none 48px, mic off 24px, mic off 48px, movie 24px, movie 48px, music video 24px, music video 48px, new releases 24px, new releases 48px, note 24px, note 48px, not interested 24px, not interested 48px, pause 24px, pause 48px, pause circle filled 24px, pause circle filled 48px, pause circle outline 24px, pause circle outline 48px, playlist add 24px, playlist add 48px, playlist add check 24px, playlist add check 48px, playlist play 24px, playlist play 48px, play arrow 24px, play arrow 48px, play circle filled 24px,