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Material Design Icons Master Device

Author: Google Website: https://material.io/design/iconography/
License: Apache License 2.0 Total icons: 209 Published: 31 Mar, 2019
Keywords: material, design, icons, master, device, free icons, freebies icons, freebies png, download free iconsaccess alarms 24px, access alarms 48px, access alarm 24px, access alarm 48px, access time 24px, access time 48px, add alarm 24px, add alarm 48px, airplanemode active 24px, airplanemode active 48px, airplanemode inactive 24px, airplanemode inactive 48px, battery 20 18px, battery 20 24px, battery 20 48px, battery 30 18px, battery 30 24px, battery 30 48px, battery 50 18px, battery 50 24px, battery 50 48px, battery 60 18px, battery 60 24px, battery 60 48px, battery 80 18px, battery 80 24px, battery 80 48px, battery 90 18px, battery 90 24px, battery 90 48px, battery alert 18px, battery alert 24px, battery alert 48px, battery charging 20 18px, battery charging 20 24px, battery charging 20 48px, battery charging 30 18px, battery charging 30 24px, battery charging 30 48px, battery charging 50 18px, battery charging 50 24px, battery charging 50 48px, battery charging 60 18px, battery charging 60 24px, battery charging 60 48px, battery charging 80 18px, battery charging 80 24px, battery charging 80 48px, battery charging 90 18px, battery charging 90 24px, battery charging 90 48px, battery charging full 18px, battery charging full 24px, battery charging full 48px, battery full 18px, battery full 24px, battery full 48px, battery std 18px, battery std 24px, battery std 48px, battery unknown 18px, battery unknown 24px, battery unknown 48px, bluetooth 24px, bluetooth 48px, bluetooth connected 24px, bluetooth connected 48px, bluetooth disabled 24px, bluetooth disabled 48px, bluetooth searching 24px, bluetooth searching 48px, brightness auto 24px, brightness auto 48px, brightness high 24px, brightness high 48px, brightness low 24px, brightness low 48px, brightness medium 24px, brightness medium 48px, data usage 24px, data usage 48px, developer mode 24px, developer mode 48px, devices 24px, devices 48px, dvr 24px, dvr 48px, gps fixed 24px, gps fixed 48px, gps not fixed 24px,
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