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Material Design Icons Master Maps

Author: Google Website: https://material.io/design/iconography/
License: Apache License 2.0 Total icons: 136 Published: 3 Apr, 2019
Keywords: material, design, icons, master, maps, free icons, freebies icons, freebies png, download free iconsadd location 24px, add location 48px, beenhere 24px, beenhere 48px, directions 24px, directions 48px, directions bike 24px, directions bike 48px, directions boat 24px, directions boat 48px, directions bus 24px, directions bus 48px, directions car 24px, directions car 48px, directions railway 24px, directions railway 48px, directions run 24px, directions run 48px, directions subway 24px, directions subway 48px, directions transit 24px, directions transit 48px, directions walk 24px, directions walk 48px, edit location 24px, edit location 48px, ev station 24px, ev station 48px, flight 24px, flight 48px, hotel 24px, hotel 48px, layers 24px, layers 48px, layers clear 24px, layers clear 48px, local activity 24px, local activity 48px, local airport 24px, local airport 48px, local atm 24px, local atm 48px, local bar 24px, local bar 48px, local cafe 24px, local cafe 48px, local car wash 24px, local car wash 48px, local convenience store 24px, local convenience store 48px, local dining 24px, local dining 48px, local drink 24px, local drink 48px, local florist 24px, local florist 48px, local gas station 24px, local gas station 48px, local grocery store 24px, local grocery store 48px, local hospital 24px, local hospital 48px, local hotel 24px, local hotel 48px, local laundry service 24px, local laundry service 48px, local library 24px, local library 48px, local mall 24px, local mall 48px, local movies 24px, local movies 48px, local offer 24px, local offer 48px, local parking 24px, local parking 48px, local pharmacy 24px, local pharmacy 48px, local phone 24px, local phone 48px, local pizza 24px, local pizza 48px, local play 24px, local play 48px, local post office 24px, local post office 48px, local printshop 24px, local printshop 48px, local see 24px, local see 48px,