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Official Open Source Svg Icon Library For Bootstrap

Author: Mark Otto Website: https://markdotto.com/
License: MIT License Total icons: 1664 Published: 1 Jun, 2022
Keywords: official, open, source, svg, icon, library, for, bootstrap, free icons, freebies icons, freebies png, download free iconsactivity, alarm fill, alarm, align bottom, align center, align end, align middle, align start, align top, alt, app indicator, app, apple, archive fill, archive, arrow 90deg down, arrow 90deg left, arrow 90deg right, arrow 90deg up, arrow bar down, arrow bar left, arrow bar right, arrow bar up, arrow clockwise, arrow counterclockwise, arrow down circle fill, arrow down circle, arrow down left circle fill, arrow down left circle, arrow down left square fill, arrow down left square, arrow down left, arrow down right circle fill, arrow down right circle, arrow down right square fill, arrow down right square, arrow down right, arrow down short, arrow down square fill, arrow down square, arrow down up, arrow down, arrow left circle fill, arrow left circle, arrow left right, arrow left short, arrow left square fill, arrow left square, arrow left, arrow repeat, arrow return left, arrow return right, arrow right circle fill, arrow right circle, arrow right short, arrow right square fill, arrow right square, arrow right, arrow through heart fill, arrow through heart, arrow up circle fill, arrow up circle, arrow up left circle fill, arrow up left circle, arrow up left square fill, arrow up left square, arrow up left, arrow up right circle fill, arrow up right circle, arrow up right square fill, arrow up right square, arrow up right, arrow up short, arrow up square fill, arrow up square, arrow up, arrows angle contract, arrows angle expand, arrows collapse, arrows expand, arrows fullscreen, arrows move, aspect ratio fill, aspect ratio, asterisk, at, award fill, award, back, backspace fill, backspace reverse fill, backspace reverse, backspace, badge 3d fill, badge 3d, badge 4k fill, badge 4k, badge 8k fill, badge 8k, badge ad fill, badge ad, badge ar fill, badge ar, badge cc fill, badge cc, badge hd fill, badge hd, badge sd fill, badge sd, badge tm fill, badge tm, badge vo fill, badge vo, badge vr fill, badge vr, badge wc fill, badge wc, bag check fill, bag check, bag dash fill, bag dash, bag fill, bag heart fill, bag heart, bag plus fill, bag plus, bag x fill, bag x, bag, balloon fill, balloon heart fill, balloon heart, balloon, bandaid fill, bandaid, bank, bank2, bar chart fill, bar chart line fill, bar chart line, bar chart steps, bar chart, basket fill, basket, basket2 fill, basket2, basket3 fill, basket3, battery charging, battery full, battery half, battery, behance, bell fill, bell slash fill, bell slash, bell, bezier, bezier2, bicycle, binoculars fill, binoculars, blockquote left, blockquote right, bluetooth, body text, book fill, book half, book, bookmark check fill, bookmark check, bookmark dash fill, bookmark dash, bookmark fill, bookmark heart fill, bookmark heart, bookmark plus fill, bookmark plus, bookmark star fill, bookmark star, bookmark x fill, bookmark x, bookmark, bookmarks fill, bookmarks, bookshelf, boombox fill, boombox, bootstrap fill, bootstrap reboot, bootstrap, border all, border bottom, border center, border inner, border left, border middle, border outer, border right, border style, border top, border width, border, bounding box circles, bounding box, box arrow down left, box arrow down right, box arrow down, box arrow in down left, box arrow in down right, box arrow in down, box arrow in left, box arrow in right, box arrow in up left, box arrow in up right, box arrow in up, box arrow left, box arrow right, box arrow up left, box arrow up right, box arrow up, box seam, box, box2 fill, box2 heart fill, box2 heart, box2, boxes, braces asterisk, braces, bricks, briefcase fill, briefcase, brightness alt high fill, brightness alt high, brightness alt low fill, brightness alt low, brightness high fill, brightness high, brightness low fill, brightness low, broadcast pin, broadcast, brush fill, brush, bucket fill, bucket, bug fill, bug, building, bullseye, calculator fill, calculator, calendar check fill, calendar check, calendar date fill, calendar date, calendar day fill, calendar day, calendar event fill, calendar event, calendar fill, calendar heart fill, calendar heart, calendar minus fill, calendar minus, calendar month fill, calendar month, calendar plus fill, calendar plus, calendar range fill, calendar range, calendar week fill, calendar week, calendar x fill, calendar x, calendar, calendar2 check fill, calendar2 check, calendar2 date fill, calendar2 date, calendar2 day fill, calendar2 day, calendar2 event fill, calendar2 event, calendar2 fill, calendar2 heart fill, calendar2 heart, calendar2 minus fill, calendar2 minus, calendar2 month fill, calendar2 month, calendar2 plus fill, calendar2 plus, calendar2 range fill, calendar2 range, calendar2 week fill, calendar2 week, calendar2 x fill, calendar2 x, calendar2, calendar3 event fill, calendar3 event, calendar3 fill, calendar3 range fill, calendar3 range, calendar3 week fill, calendar3 week, calendar3, calendar4 event, calendar4 range, calendar4 week, calendar4, camera fill, camera reels fill, camera reels, camera video fill, camera video off fill, camera video off, camera video, camera, camera2, capslock fill, capslock, card checklist, card heading, card image, card list, card text, caret down fill, caret down square fill, caret down square, caret down, caret left fill, caret left square fill, caret left square, caret left, caret right fill, caret right square fill, caret right square, caret right, caret up fill, caret up square fill, caret up square, caret up, cart check fill, cart check, cart dash fill, cart dash, cart fill, cart plus fill, cart plus, cart x fill, cart x, cart, cart2, cart3, cart4, cash coin, cash stack, cash, cast, chat dots fill, chat dots, chat fill, chat heart fill, chat heart, chat left dots fill, chat left dots, chat left fill, chat left heart fill, chat left heart, chat left quote fill, chat left quote, chat left text fill, chat left text, chat left, chat quote fill, chat quote, chat right dots fill, chat right dots, chat right fill, chat right heart fill, chat right heart, chat right quote fill, chat right quote, chat right text fill, chat right text, chat right, chat square dots fill, chat square dots, chat square fill, chat square heart fill, chat square heart, chat square quote fill, chat square quote, chat square text fill, chat square text, chat square, chat text fill, chat text, chat, check all, check circle fill, check circle, check lg, check square fill, check square, check, check2 all, check2 circle, check2 square, check2, chevron bar contract, chevron bar down, chevron bar expand, chevron bar left, chevron bar right, chevron bar up, chevron compact down, chevron compact left, chevron compact right, chevron compact up, chevron contract, chevron double down, chevron double left, chevron double right, chevron double up, chevron down, chevron expand, chevron left, chevron right, chevron up, circle half, circle square, circle, clipboard check fill, clipboard check, clipboard data fill, clipboard data, clipboard fill, clipboard heart fill, clipboard heart, clipboard minus fill, clipboard minus, clipboard plus fill, clipboard plus, clipboard pulse, clipboard x fill, clipboard x, clipboard, clipboard2 check fill, clipboard2 check, clipboard2 data fill, clipboard2 data, clipboard2 fill, clipboard2 heart fill, clipboard2 heart, clipboard2 minus fill, clipboard2 minus, clipboard2 plus fill, clipboard2 plus, clipboard2 pulse fill, clipboard2 pulse, clipboard2 x fill, clipboard2 x, clipboard2, clock fill, clock history, clock, cloud arrow down fill, cloud arrow down, cloud arrow up fill, cloud arrow up, cloud check fill, cloud check, cloud download fill, cloud download, cloud drizzle fill, cloud drizzle, cloud fill, cloud fog fill, cloud fog, cloud fog2 fill, cloud fog2, cloud hail fill, cloud hail, cloud haze fill, cloud haze, cloud haze2 fill, cloud haze2, cloud lightning fill, cloud lightning rain fill, cloud lightning rain, cloud lightning, cloud minus fill, cloud minus, cloud moon fill, cloud moon, cloud plus fill, cloud plus, cloud rain fill, cloud rain heavy fill, cloud rain heavy, cloud rain, cloud slash fill, cloud slash, cloud sleet fill, cloud sleet, cloud snow fill, cloud snow, cloud sun fill, cloud sun, cloud upload fill, cloud upload, cloud, clouds fill, clouds, cloudy fill, cloudy, code slash, code square, code, coin, collection fill, collection play fill, collection play, collection, columns gap, columns, command, compass fill, compass, cone striped, cone, controller, cpu fill, cpu, credit card 2 back fill, credit card 2 back, credit card 2 front fill, credit card 2 front, credit card fill, credit card, crop, cup fill, cup straw, cup, currency bitcoin, currency dollar, currency euro, currency exchange, currency pound, currency yen, cursor fill, cursor text, cursor, dash circle dotted, dash circle fill, dash circle, dash lg, dash square dotted, dash square fill, dash square, dash, device hdd fill, device hdd, device ssd fill, device ssd, diagram 2 fill, diagram 2, diagram 3 fill, diagram 3, diamond fill, diamond half, diamond, dice 1 fill, dice 1, dice 2 fill, dice 2, dice 3 fill, dice 3, dice 4 fill, dice 4, dice 5 fill, dice 5, dice 6 fill, dice 6, disc fill, disc, discord, display fill, display, displayport fill, displayport, distribute horizontal, distribute vertical, door closed fill, door closed, door open fill, door open, download, dpad fill, dpad, dribbble, droplet fill, droplet half, droplet, ear fill, ear, earbuds, easel fill, easel, easel2 fill, easel2, easel3 fill, easel3, egg fried, egg, eject fill, eject, emoji angry fill, emoji angry, emoji dizzy fill, emoji dizzy, emoji expressionless fill, emoji expressionless, emoji frown fill, emoji frown, emoji heart eyes fill, emoji heart eyes, emoji kiss fill, emoji kiss, emoji laughing fill, emoji laughing, emoji neutral fill, emoji neutral, emoji smile fill, emoji smile upside down fill, emoji smile upside down, emoji smile, emoji sunglasses fill, emoji sunglasses, emoji wink fill, emoji wink, envelope check fill, envelope check, envelope dash fill, envelope dash, envelope exclamation fill, envelope exclamation, envelope fill, envelope heart fill, envelope heart, envelope open fill, envelope open heart fill, envelope open heart, envelope open, envelope paper fill, envelope paper heart fill, envelope paper heart, envelope paper, envelope plus fill, envelope plus, envelope slash fill, envelope slash, envelope x fill, envelope x, envelope, eraser fill, eraser, ethernet, exclamation circle fill, exclamation circle, exclamation diamond fill, exclamation diamond, exclamation lg, exclamation octagon fill, exclamation octagon, exclamation square fill, exclamation square, exclamation triangle fill, exclamation triangle, exclamation, exclude, explicit fill, explicit, eye fill, eye slash fill, eye slash, eye, eyedropper, eyeglasses, facebook, fan, file arrow down fill, file arrow down, file arrow up fill, file arrow up, file bar graph fill, file bar graph, file binary fill, file binary, file break fill, file break, file check fill, file check, file code fill, file code, file diff fill, file diff, file earmark arrow down fill, file earmark arrow down, file earmark arrow up fill, file earmark arrow up, file earmark bar graph fill, file earmark bar graph, file earmark binary fill, file earmark binary, file earmark break fill, file earmark break, file earmark check fill, file earmark check, file earmark code fill, file earmark code, file earmark diff fill, file earmark diff, file earmark easel fill, file earmark easel, file earmark excel fill, file earmark excel, file earmark fill, file earmark font fill, file earmark font, file earmark image fill, file earmark image, file earmark lock fill, file earmark lock, file earmark lock2 fill, file earmark lock2, file earmark medical fill, file earmark medical, file earmark minus fill, file earmark minus, file earmark music fill, file earmark music, file earmark pdf fill, file earmark pdf, file earmark person fill, file earmark person, file earmark play fill, file earmark play, file earmark plus fill, file earmark plus, file earmark post fill, file earmark post, file earmark ppt fill, file earmark ppt, file earmark richtext fill, file earmark richtext, file earmark ruled fill, file earmark ruled, file earmark slides fill, file earmark slides, file earmark spreadsheet fill, file earmark spreadsheet, file earmark text fill, file earmark text, file earmark word fill, file earmark word, file earmark x fill, file earmark x, file earmark zip fill, file earmark zip, file earmark, file easel fill, file easel, file excel fill, file excel, file fill, file font fill, file font, file image fill, file image, file lock fill, file lock, file lock2 fill, file lock2, file medical fill, file medical, file minus fill, file minus, file music fill, file music, file pdf fill, file pdf, file person fill, file person, file play fill, file play, file plus fill, file plus, file post fill, file post, file ppt fill, file ppt, file richtext fill, file richtext, file ruled fill, file ruled, file slides fill, file slides, file spreadsheet fill, file spreadsheet, file text fill, file text, file word fill, file word, file x fill, file x, file zip fill, file zip, file, files alt, files, filetype aac, filetype ai, filetype bmp, filetype cs, filetype css, filetype csv, filetype doc, filetype docx, filetype exe, filetype gif, filetype heic, filetype html, filetype java, filetype jpg, filetype js, filetype json, filetype jsx, filetype key, filetype m4p, filetype md, filetype mdx, filetype mov, filetype mp3, filetype mp4, filetype otf, filetype pdf, filetype php, filetype png, filetype ppt, filetype pptx, filetype psd, filetype py, filetype raw, filetype rb, filetype sass, filetype scss, filetype sh, filetype svg, filetype tiff, filetype tsx, filetype ttf, filetype txt, filetype wav, filetype woff, filetype xls, filetype xlsx, filetype xml, filetype yml, film, filter circle fill, filter circle, filter left, filter right, filter square fill, filter square, filter, fingerprint, flag fill, flag, flower1, flower2, flower3, folder check, folder fill, folder minus, folder plus, folder symlink fill, folder symlink, folder x, folder, folder2 open, folder2, fonts, forward fill, forward, front, fullscreen exit, fullscreen, funnel fill, funnel, gear fill, gear wide connected, gear wide, gear, gem, gender ambiguous, gender female, gender male, gender trans, geo alt fill, geo alt, geo fill, geo, gift fill, gift, git, github, globe, globe2, google, gpu card, graph down arrow, graph down, graph up arrow, graph up, grid 1x2 fill, grid 1x2, grid 3x2 gap fill, grid 3x2 gap, grid 3x2, grid 3x3 gap fill, grid 3x3 gap, grid 3x3, grid fill, grid, grip horizontal, grip vertical, hammer, hand index fill, hand index thumb fill, hand index thumb, hand index, hand thumbs down fill, hand thumbs down, hand thumbs up fill, hand thumbs up, handbag fill, handbag, hash, hdd fill, hdd network fill, hdd network, hdd rack fill, hdd rack, hdd stack fill, hdd stack, hdd, hdmi fill, hdmi, headphones, headset vr, headset, heart arrow, heart fill, heart half, heart pulse fill, heart pulse, heart, heartbreak fill, heartbreak, hearts, heptagon fill, heptagon half, heptagon, hexagon fill, hexagon half, hexagon, hospital fill, hospital, hourglass bottom, hourglass split, hourglass top, hourglass, house door fill, house door, house fill, house heart fill, house heart, house, hr, hurricane, hypnotize, image alt, image fill, image, images, inbox fill, inbox, inboxes fill, inboxes, incognito, infinity, info circle fill, info circle, info lg, info square fill, info square, info, input cursor text, input cursor, instagram, intersect, journal album, journal arrow down, journal arrow up, journal bookmark fill, journal bookmark, journal check, journal code, journal medical, journal minus, journal plus, journal richtext, journal text, journal x, journal, journals, joystick, justify left, justify right, justify, kanban fill, kanban, key fill, key, keyboard fill, keyboard, ladder, lamp fill, lamp, laptop fill, laptop, layer backward, layer forward, layers fill, layers half, layers, layout sidebar inset reverse, layout sidebar inset, layout sidebar reverse, layout sidebar, layout split, layout text sidebar reverse, layout text sidebar, layout text window reverse, layout text window, layout three columns, layout wtf, life preserver, lightbulb fill, lightbulb off fill, lightbulb off, lightbulb, lightning charge fill, lightning charge, lightning fill, lightning, line, link 45deg, link, linkedin, list check, list columns reverse, list columns, list nested, list ol, list stars, list task, list ul, list, lock fill, lock, magic, magnet fill, magnet, mailbox, mailbox2, map fill, map, markdown fill, markdown, mask, mastodon, medium, megaphone fill, megaphone, memory, menu app fill, menu app, menu button fill, menu button wide fill, menu button wide, menu button, menu down, menu up, messenger, meta, mic fill, mic mute fill, mic mute, mic, microsoft, minecart loaded, minecart, modem fill, modem, moisture, moon fill, moon stars fill, moon stars, moon, mortarboard fill, mortarboard, motherboard fill, motherboard, mouse fill, mouse, mouse2 fill, mouse2, mouse3 fill, mouse3, music note beamed, music note list, music note, music player fill, music player, newspaper, nintendo switch, node minus fill, node minus, node plus fill, node plus, nut fill, nut, octagon fill, octagon half, octagon, optical audio fill, optical audio, option, outlet, paint bucket, palette fill, palette, palette2, paperclip, paragraph, patch check fill, patch check, patch exclamation fill, patch exclamation, patch minus fill, patch minus, patch plus fill, patch plus, patch question fill, patch question, pause btn fill, pause btn, pause circle fill, pause circle, pause fill, pause, paypal, pc display horizontal, pc display, pc horizontal, pc, pci card, peace fill, peace, pen fill, pen, pencil fill, pencil square, pencil, pentagon fill, pentagon half, pentagon, people fill, people, percent, person badge fill, person badge, person bounding box, person check fill, person check, person circle, person dash fill, person dash, person fill, person heart, person hearts, person lines fill, person plus fill, person plus, person rolodex, person square, person video, person video2, person video3, person workspace, person x fill, person x, person, phone fill, phone flip, phone landscape fill, phone landscape, phone vibrate fill, phone vibrate, phone, pie chart fill, pie chart, piggy bank fill, piggy bank, pin angle fill, pin angle, pin fill, pin map fill, pin map, pin, pinterest, pip fill, pip, play btn fill, play btn, play circle fill, play circle, play fill, play, playstation, plug fill, plug, plugin, plus circle dotted, plus circle fill, plus circle, plus lg, plus slash minus, plus square dotted, plus square fill, plus square, plus, postage fill, postage heart fill, postage heart, postage, postcard fill, postcard heart fill, postcard heart, postcard, power, printer fill, printer, projector fill, projector, puzzle fill, puzzle, qr code scan, qr code, question circle fill, question circle, question diamond fill, question diamond, question lg, question octagon fill, question octagon, question square fill, question square, question, quora, quote, radioactive, rainbow, receipt cutoff, receipt, reception 0, reception 1, reception 2, reception 3, reception 4, record btn fill, record btn, record circle fill, record circle, record fill, record, record2 fill, record2, recycle, reddit, reply all fill, reply all, reply fill, reply, robot, router fill, router, rss fill, rss, rulers, safe fill, safe, safe2 fill, safe2, save fill, save, save2 fill, save2, scissors, screwdriver, sd card fill, sd card, search heart fill, search heart, search, segmented nav, send check fill, send check, send dash fill, send dash, send exclamation fill, send exclamation, send fill, send plus fill, send plus, send slash fill, send slash, send x fill, send x, send, server, share fill, share, shield check, shield exclamation, shield fill check, shield fill exclamation, shield fill minus, shield fill plus, shield fill x, shield fill, shield lock fill, shield lock, shield minus, shield plus, shield shaded, shield slash fill, shield slash, shield x, shield, shift fill, shift, shop window, shop, shuffle, signal, signpost 2 fill, signpost 2, signpost fill, signpost split fill, signpost split, signpost, sim fill, sim, skip backward btn fill, skip backward btn, skip backward circle fill, skip backward circle, skip backward fill, skip backward, skip end btn fill, skip end btn, skip end circle fill, skip end circle, skip end fill, skip end, skip forward btn fill, skip forward btn, skip forward circle fill, skip forward circle, skip forward fill, skip forward, skip start btn fill, skip start btn, skip start circle fill, skip start circle, skip start fill, skip start, skype, slack, slash circle fill, slash circle, slash lg, slash square fill, slash square, slash, sliders, sliders2 vertical, sliders2, smartwatch, snapchat, snow, snow2, snow3, sort alpha down alt, sort alpha down, sort alpha up alt, sort alpha up, sort down alt, sort down, sort numeric down alt, sort numeric down, sort numeric up alt, sort numeric up, sort up alt, sort up, soundwave, speaker fill, speaker, speedometer, speedometer2, spellcheck, spotify, square fill, square half, square, stack overflow, stack, star fill, star half, star, stars, steam, stickies fill, stickies, sticky fill, sticky, stop btn fill, stop btn, stop circle fill, stop circle, stop fill, stop, stoplights fill, stoplights, stopwatch fill, stopwatch, strava, subtract, suit club fill, suit club, suit diamond fill, suit diamond, suit heart fill, suit heart, suit spade fill, suit spade, sun fill, sun, sunglasses, sunrise fill, sunrise, sunset fill, sunset, symmetry horizontal, symmetry vertical, table, tablet fill, tablet landscape fill, tablet landscape, tablet, tag fill, tag, tags fill, tags, telegram, telephone fill, telephone forward fill, telephone forward, telephone inbound fill, telephone inbound, telephone minus fill, telephone minus, telephone outbound fill, telephone outbound, telephone plus fill, telephone plus, telephone x fill, telephone x, telephone, terminal dash, terminal fill, terminal plus, terminal split, terminal x, terminal, text center, text indent left, text indent right, text left, text paragraph, text right, textarea resize, textarea t, textarea, thermometer half, thermometer high, thermometer low, thermometer snow, thermometer sun, thermometer, three dots vertical, three dots, thunderbolt fill, thunderbolt, ticket detailed fill, ticket detailed, ticket fill, ticket perforated fill, ticket perforated, ticket, tiktok, toggle off, toggle on, toggle2 off, toggle2 on, toggles, toggles2, tools, tornado, translate, trash fill, trash, trash2 fill, trash2, trash3 fill, trash3, tree fill, tree, triangle fill, triangle half, triangle, trophy fill, trophy, tropical storm, truck flatbed, truck, tsunami, tv fill, tv, twitch, twitter, type bold, type h1, type h2, type h3, type italic, type strikethrough, type underline, type, ui checks grid, ui checks, ui radios grid, ui radios, umbrella fill, umbrella, union, unlock fill, unlock, upc scan, upc, upload, usb c fill, usb c, usb drive fill, usb drive, usb fill, usb micro fill, usb micro, usb mini fill, usb mini, usb plug fill, usb plug, usb symbol, usb, valentine, valentine2, vector pen, view list, view stacked, vimeo, vinyl fill, vinyl, voicemail, volume down fill, volume down, volume mute fill, volume mute, volume off fill, volume off, volume up fill, volume up, vr, wallet fill, wallet, wallet2, watch, water, webcam fill, webcam, whatsapp, wifi 1, wifi 2, wifi off, wifi, wind, window dash, window desktop, window dock, window fullscreen, window plus, window sidebar, window split, window stack, window x, window, windows, wordpress, wrench adjustable circle fill, wrench adjustable circle, wrench adjustable, wrench, x circle fill, x circle, x diamond fill, x diamond, x lg, x octagon fill, x octagon, x square fill, x square, x, xbox, yin yang, youtube, zoom in, zoom out,