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Author: Sebastian Heinz Website: https://iamsebastian.dev/
License: MIT License Total icons: 256 Published: 20 Jun, 2022
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connection wireless, bluetoothConnected bluetooth eric blauzahn connection wireless, bluetoothOff bluetooth eric blauzahn connection wireless, bluetoothSearching bluetooth eric blauzahn connection wireless, bold bold editor font tool, bookClosed bookClosed book library reading, bookmark bookmark note notice reminder, bookOpen bookOpen book library reading, box box package parcel, calendar calendar event time date, camera camera picture photo cam, cameraOff camera picture photo cam, castToMedia castToMedia cast media wireless, checkmark checkmark mark check okay confirm, checkmarkCircle checkmark mark check okay confirm, chevronDown chevron down arrow, chevronDownUp chevron up down arrow, chevronFirst chevron first arrow, chevronLast chevron last arrow, chevronLeft chevron left arrow, chevronLeftRight chevron up down arrow, chevronRight chevron right arrow, chevronrightLeft chevron left right arrow, chevronsDown chevrons down arrows, chevronsLeft chevrons left arrows, chevronsRight 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mobile number, phoneIncoming phone call mobile number arrow, phoneMissed phone call mobile number arrow, phoneOff phone call mobile number, phoneOutgoing phone call mobile number arrow, pieChart pieChart pie chart statistics, play play media control start continue, plus plus add, pothos pothos leaf plant golden flower, power power button switch on, rainbow rainbow happy representation lgbtq ireland, refresh refresh reload update resume, refreshCCW refresh reload update resume, refreshCW refresh reload update resume, repeat repeat player video music media controls, resizeImage resize image photo editor, rewind rewind player video music media controls, robot robot tech asimov, search search lookingglass look explore, server server computer network, settings settings customisations checkboxes, shield shield knight alert safety, shuffle shuffle random player video music media controls, sidebar sidebar panel format, skipBack skipBack skip rewind player video music media controls, 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