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Svg Icons With Haskell

Author: RamiroPastor Website: http://ramiropastor.es/
License: BSD-3-Clause license Total icons: 186 Published: 16 Sep, 2022
Keywords: svg, icons, with, haskell, free icons, freebies icons, freebies png, download free iconsbusiness analytics fill, business analytics full, business analytics strk, business bullseye fill, business bullseye full, business bullseye strk, business company fill, business company full, business company strk, business connections fill, business connections full, business connections strk, computer accept fill, computer accept full, computer accept strk, computer cancel fill, computer cancel full, computer cancel strk, computer maximize fill, computer maximize full, computer maximize strk, computer menuDots fill, computer menuDots full, computer menuDots strk, computer menuLines fill, computer menuLines full, computer menuLines strk, computer minimize fill, computer minimize full, computer minimize strk, computer plus fill, computer plus full, computer plus strk, computer powerButton fill, computer powerButton full, computer powerButton strk, computer warning fill, computer warning full, computer warning strk, cosmos crescent fill, cosmos crescent full, cosmos crescent strk, cosmos moon fill, cosmos moon full, cosmos moon strk, cosmos sun fill, cosmos sun full, cosmos sun strk, human carnet fill, human carnet full, human carnet strk, human eyeOpened fill, human eyeOpened full, human eyeOpened strk, human eyeStriked fill, human eyeStriked full, human eyeStriked strk, human heartFat fill, human heartFat full, human heartFat strk, human heartSlim fill, human heartSlim full, human heartSlim strk, human people fill, human people full, human people strk, human person fill, human person full, human person strk, human talk fill, human talk full, human talk strk, math lambda fill, math lambda full, math lambda strk, math lemniscate fill, math lemniscate full, math lemniscate strk, office archive fill, office archive full, office archive strk, office briefcase fill, office briefcase full, office briefcase strk, office clipboard fill, office clipboard full, office clipboard strk, office clip fill, office clip full, office clip strk, office document fill, office document full, office document strk, office envelope fill, office envelope full, office envelope strk, office lupe fill, office lupe full, office lupe strk, office pencil fill, office pencil full, office pencil strk, office pin fill, office pin full, office pin strk, office printer fill, office printer full, office printer strk, religion crescentAndStar fill, religion crescentAndStar full, religion crescentAndStar strk, religion crossLatin fill, religion crossLatin full, religion crossLatin strk, religion crossOrthodox fill, religion crossOrthodox full, religion crossOrthodox strk, religion exampleHexagram fill, religion exampleHexagram full, religion exampleHexagram strk, religion starOfDavid fill, religion starOfDavid full, religion starOfDavid strk, religion taijitu fill, religion taijitu full, religion taijitu strk, religion xp fill, religion xp full, religion xp strk, textarea bold fill, textarea bold full, textarea bold strk, textarea bulletList fill, textarea bulletList full, textarea bulletList strk, textarea fullscreen fill, textarea fullscreen full, textarea fullscreen strk, textarea header fill, textarea header full, textarea header strk, textarea help fill, textarea help full, textarea help strk, textarea hr fill, textarea hr full, textarea hr strk, textarea image fill, textarea image full, textarea image strk, textarea italic fill, textarea italic full, textarea italic strk, textarea link fill, textarea link full, textarea link strk, textarea numberList fill, textarea numberList full, textarea numberList strk, textarea preview fill, textarea preview full, textarea preview strk, textarea redo fill, textarea redo full, textarea redo strk, textarea undo fill, textarea undo full, textarea undo strk, textarea video fill, textarea video full, textarea video strk, tools cog6 fill, tools cog6 full, tools cog6 strk, tools cog9 fill, tools cog9 full, tools cog9 strk, tools keyWithArc fill, tools keyWithArc full, tools keyWithArc strk, tools key fill, tools key full, tools key strk, tools lock fill, tools lock full, tools lock strk,