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Author: Tabler Icons Website: https://tabler-icons.io
License: MIT License Total icons: 2320 Published: 23 Aug, 2022
Keywords: tabler, free icons, freebies icons, freebies png, download free icons fa, d cube sphere, d rotate, a b 2, a b off, a b, abacus, access point off, access point, accessible off, accessible, activity heartbeat, activity, ad 2, ad, address book, adjustments alt, adjustments horizontal, adjustments off, adjustments, aerial lift, affiliate, alarm off, alarm, album, alert circle, alert octagon, alert triangle, alien, align center, align justified, align left, align right, alphabet cyrillic, alphabet greek, alphabet latin, ambulance, ampersand, anchor off, anchor, angle, ankh, antenna bars 1, antenna bars 2, antenna bars 3, antenna bars 4, antenna bars 5, antenna bars off, antenna, aperture, api app off, api app, api off, api, app window, apple, apps off, apps, archive off, archive, armchair 2, armchair, arrow autofit content, arrow autofit down, arrow autofit height, arrow autofit left, arrow autofit right, arrow autofit up, arrow autofit width, arrow back up, arrow back, arrow bar down, arrow bar left, arrow bar right, arrow bar to down, arrow bar to left, arrow bar to right, arrow bar to up, arrow bar up, arrow bear left 2, arrow bear left, arrow bear right 2, arrow bear right, arrow big down line, arrow big down lines, arrow big down, arrow big left line, arrow big left lines, arrow big left, arrow big right line,