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Author: Tabler Icons Website: https://tabler-icons.io
License: MIT License Total icons: 2320 Published: 23 Aug, 2022
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down, arrow bar left, arrow bar right, arrow bar to down, arrow bar to left, arrow bar to right, arrow bar to up, arrow bar up, arrow bear left 2, arrow bear left, arrow bear right 2, arrow bear right, arrow big down line, arrow big down lines, arrow big down, arrow big left line, arrow big left lines, arrow big left, arrow big right line, arrow big right lines, arrow big right, arrow big top, arrow big up line, arrow big up lines, arrow bottom bar, arrow bottom circle, arrow bottom square, arrow bottom tail, arrow curve left, arrow curve right, arrow down circle, arrow down left circle, arrow down left, arrow down right circle, arrow down right, arrow down, arrow fork, arrow forward up, arrow forward, arrow guide, arrow left bar, arrow left circle, arrow left right, arrow left square, arrow left tail, arrow left, arrow loop left 2, arrow loop left, arrow loop right 2, arrow loop right, arrow merge both, arrow merge left, arrow merge right, arrow merge, arrow move down, arrow move left, arrow move right, arrow move up, arrow narrow down, arrow narrow left, arrow narrow right, arrow narrow up, arrow ramp left 2, arrow ramp left 3, arrow ramp left, arrow ramp right 2, arrow ramp right 3, arrow ramp right, arrow right bar, arrow right circle, arrow right square, arrow right tail, arrow right, arrow rotary first left, arrow rotary first right, arrow rotary last left, arrow rotary last right, arrow rotary left, arrow rotary right, arrow rotary straight, arrow roundabout left, arrow roundabout right, arrow sharp turn left, arrow sharp turn right, arrow top bar, arrow top circle, arrow top square, arrow top tail, arrow up circle, arrow up left circle, arrow up left, arrow up right circle, arrow up right, arrow up, arrow wave left down, arrow wave left up, arrow wave right down, arrow wave right up, arrows cross, arrows diagonal 2, arrows diagonal minimize 2, arrows diagonal minimize, arrows diagonal, arrows diff, arrows double ne sw, arrows double nw se, arrows double 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spreadsheet, file star, file symlink, file text, file time, file typography, file unknown, file upload, file vector, file x, file zip, file, files off, files, filter off, filter, fingerprint off, fingerprint, firetruck, first aid kit, fish bone, fish hook, fish off, fish, flag 2 off, flag 2, flag 3, flag off, flag, flame off, flame, flare, flask 2 off, flask 2, flask off, flask, flip horizontal, flip vertical, float center, float left, float none, float right, flower off, flower, focus 2, focus centered, focus, fold down, fold up, fold, folder minus, folder off, folder plus, folder x, folder, folders off, folders, forbid 2, forbid, forklift, forms, fountain off, fountain, frame off, frame, free rights, fridge, friends off, friends, function, garden cart, gas station off, gas station, gauge off, gauge, gavel, gender agender, gender androgyne, gender bigender, gender demiboy, gender demigirl, gender epicene, gender female, gender femme, gender genderfluid, gender genderless, gender 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off, hexagon, hexagons, hierarchy 2, hierarchy 3, hierarchy, highlight off, highlight, history toggle, history, home 2, home off, home, horse toy, hotel service, hourglass empty, hourglass high, hourglass low, hourglass off, hourglass, ice cream 2, ice cream off, ice cream, ice skating, icons, id badge 2, id badge, id off, id, inbox off, inbox, indent decrease, indent increase, infinity, info circle, info square, input search, ironing 1, ironing 2, ironing 3, ironing off, ironing steam off, ironing steam, italic, jewish star, jump rope, karate, kayak, kering, key off, key, keyboard hide, keyboard off, keyboard show, keyboard, ladder off, ladder, lamp 2, lamp off, lamp, language hiragana, language katakana, language off, language, lasso off, lasso, layers difference, layers intersect 2, layers intersect, layers linked, layers off, layers subtract, layers union, layout 2, layout align bottom, layout align center, layout align left, layout align middle, layout align right, layout align top, layout board split, layout board, layout bottombar collapse, layout bottombar expand, layout bottombar, layout cards, layout columns, layout dashboard, layout distribute horizontal, layout distribute vertical, layout grid add, layout grid, layout kanban, layout list, layout navbar collapse, layout navbar expand, layout navbar, layout off, layout rows, layout sidebar left collapse, layout sidebar left expand, layout sidebar right collapse, layout sidebar right expand, layout sidebar right, layout sidebar, layout, leaf off, leaf, lego, lemon 2, lemon, letter a, letter b, letter c, letter case lower, letter case toggle, letter case upper, letter case, letter d, letter e, letter f, letter g, letter h, letter i, letter j, letter k, letter l, letter m, letter n, letter o, letter p, letter q, letter r, letter s, letter spacing, letter t, letter u, letter v, letter w, letter x, letter y, letter z, license off, license, lifebuoy off, lifebuoy, line dashed, line dotted, line height, line, link, list check, list details, list numbers, list search, list, live photo, live view, loader 2, loader quarter, loader, location broken, location off, location, lock access, lock off, lock open off, lock open, lock square, lock, logic and, logic buffer, logic nand, logic nor, logic not, logic or, logic xnor, logic xor, login, logout, lollipop off, lollipop, luggage off, luggage, lungs, macro, magnet off, magnet, mail fast, mail forward, mail off, mail opened, mail, mailbox off, mailbox, man, manual gearbox, map 2, map off, map pin off, map pin, map pins, map search, map, markdown, marquee 2, marquee off, marquee, mars, mask off, mask, masks theater, massage, math avg, math function off, math function, math max, math min, math symbols, math, maximize off, maximize, meat, medal 2, medal, medical cross off, medical cross, medicine syrup, menu 2, menu, message 2 code, message 2 share, message 2, message circle 2, message circle off, message circle, message code, message dots, message forward, message language, message off, message plus, message report, message share, message, messages off, messages, meteor, mickey, microphone 2, microphone off, microphone, microscope, microwave off, microwave, military award, military rank, milk, minimize, minus vertical, minus, mist, mood angry, mood annoyed 2, mood annoyed, mood boy, mood confuzed, mood crazy happy, mood cry, mood empty, mood happy, mood kid, mood look left, mood look right, mood nerd, mood nervous, mood neutral, mood off, mood sad 2, mood sad dizzy, mood sad squint, mood sad, mood sick, mood silence, mood sing, mood smile beam, mood smile dizzy, mood smile, mood suprised, mood tongue wink 2, mood tongue wink, mood tongue, mood unamused, mood wink 2, mood wink, mood wrrr, mood xd, moon 2, moon off, moon stars, moon, moped, motorbike, mountain, mouse 2, mouse off, mouse, movie off, movie, mug off, mug, multiplier 0 5x, multiplier 1 5x, multiplier 1x, multiplier 2x, mushroom, music off, music, navigation, network, new section, news off, news, nfc off, nfc, no copyright, no creative commons, no derivatives, north star, note off, note, notebook, notes off, notes, notification off, notification, number 0, number 1, number 2, number 3, number 4, number 5, number 6, number 7, number 8, number 9, number, numbers, nurse, octagon off, octagon, old, olympics, omega, outbound, outlet, oval vertical, oval, overline, package off, package, packages, packge export, packge import, pacman, page break, paint off, paint, palette off, palette, panorama horizontal, panorama vertical, paper bag off, paper bag, paperclip, parachute off, parachute, parentheses off, parentheses, parking off, parking, paw, peace, pencil minus, pencil off, pencil plus, pencil, pennant 2, pennant off, pennant, pentagon, pepper off, pepper, percentage, perspective off, perspective, phone call, phone calling, phone check, phone incoming, phone off, phone outgoing, phone pause, phone plus, phone x, phone, photo off, photo, physotherapist, picture in picture off, picture in picture on, picture in picture top, picture in picture, pig off, pig, pill off, pill, pills, pin, pinned off, pinned, pizza off, pizza, plane arrival, plane departure, plane inflight, plane off, plane tilt, plane, planet off, planet, plant 2 off, plant 2, plant off, plant, play card off, play card, player eject, player pause, player play, player record, player skip back, player skip forward, player stop, player track next, player track prev, playlist add, playlist off, playlist x, playlist, playstation circle, playstation square, playstation triangle, playstation x, plug connected x, plug connected, plug off, plug x, plug, plus, podium, point off, point, pointer, pokeball, polaroid, polygon off, polygon, poo, pool, power, pray, premium rights, prescription, presentation analytics, presentation off, presentation, printer off, printer, prison, prompt, propeller off, propeller, puzzle 2, puzzle off, puzzle, pyramid off, pyramid, qrcode, question mark, quote off, quote, radar 2, radar, radio, radioactive off, radioactive, radius bottom left, radius bottom right, radius top left, radius top right, rainbow off, rainbow, rating 12 plus, rating 14 plus, rating 16 plus, rating 18 plus, rating 21 plus, receipt 2, receipt off, receipt refund, receipt tax, receipt, recharging, record mail off, record mail, rectangle vertical, rectangle, recycle off, recycle, refresh alert, refresh dot, refresh off, refresh, regex, registered, relation many to many, relation one to many, relation one to one, repeat off, repeat once, repeat, replace, report analytics, report medical, report money, report off, report search, report, resize, ripple off, ripple, road off, road sign, road, robot off, robot, rocket off, rocket, roller skating, rollercoaster, rotate 2, rotate 360, rotate clockwise 2, rotate clockwise, rotate dot, rotate rectangle, rotate, route off, route, router, row insert bottom, row insert top, rss, ruler 2 off, ruler 2, ruler 3, ruler measure, ruler off, ruler, run, sailboat, salt, satellite off, satellite, sausage, scale off, scale outline off, scale outline, scale, scan eye, scan, schema, school off, school, scissors off, scissors, scooter electric, scooter, screen share off, screen share, screenshot, scribble, script minus, script plus, script x, script, scuba mask, search off, search, section sign, section, seeding off, seeding, select, selector, send, seo, separator horizontal, separator vertical, separator, server 2, server bolt, server cog, server off, server, servicemark, settings automation, settings off, settings, shadow off, shadow, shape 2, shape 3, shape off, shape, share off, share, shield check, shield checkered, shield chevron, shield lock, shield off, shield x, shield, ship, shirt off, shirt sport, shirt, shoe off, shoe, shopping cart discount, shopping cart off, shopping cart plus, shopping cart x, shopping cart, shovel, shredder, sign left, sign right, signal 3g, signal 4g plus, signal 4g, signal 5g, signature off, signature, sitemap off, sitemap, skateboard, skull, sleigh, slice, slideshow, smart home off, smart home, smoking no, smoking, snowflake off, snowflake, snowman, soccer field, social off, social, sock, sofa, sort ascending 2, sort ascending letters, sort ascending numbers, sort ascending, sort descending 2, sort descending letters, sort descending numbers, sort descending, sos, soup, space off, space, spacing horizontal, spacing vertical, spade, speakerphone, speedboat, spider, spiral, sport billard, spy, square 0, square 1, square 2, square 3, square 4, square 5, square 6, square 7, square 8, square 9, square asterisk, square check, square dot, square forbid 2, square forbid, square half, square minus, square off, square plus, square root 2, square root, square rotated forbid 2, square rotated forbid, square rotated off, square rotated, square toggle horizontal, square toggle, square x, square, squares diagonal, squares filled, stack 2, stack 3, stack pop, stack push, stack, stairs down, stairs up, stairs, star half, star off, star, stars, steam, steering wheel, step into, step out, stethoscope, sticker, storm, stretching, strikethrough, submarine, subscript, subtask, sum off, sum, sun high, sun low, sun off, sun wind, sun, sunglasses, sunrise, sunset 2, sunset, superscript, svg, swimming, switch 2, switch 3, switch horizontal, switch vertical, switch, sword off, sword, swords, table alias, table export, table import, table off, table options, table shortcut, table, tag off, tag, tags off, tags, tallymark 1, tallymark 2, tallymark 3, tallymark 4, tallymarks, tank, target off, target, telescope off, telescope, temperature celsius, temperature fahrenheit, temperature minus, temperature off, temperature plus, temperature, template off, template, tent, terminal 2, terminal, test pipe 2, test pipe off, test pipe, text color, text decrease, text direction ltr, text direction rtl, text increase, text orientation, text plus, text recognition, text resize, text size, text spellcheck, text wrap disabled, text wrap, thermometer, thumb down, thumb up, ticket off, ticket, tie, tilt shift off, tilt shift, timeline, tir, toggle left, toggle right, toilet paper off, toilet paper, tool, tools kitchen 2 off, tools kitchen 2, tools kitchen off, tools kitchen, tools off, tools, tooltip, tornado, tournament, tower off, tower, track, tractor, trademark, traffic cone off, traffic cone, traffic lights off, traffic lights, train, transfer in, transfer out, transition bottom, transition left, transition right, transition top, trash off, trash x, trash, tree, trees, trending down 2, trending down 3, trending down, trending up 2, trending up 3, trending up, triangle inverted, triangle off, triangle square circle, triangle, triangles, trident, trophy, truck delivery, truck loading, truck off, truck return, truck, typography off, typography, uf off, ufo, umbrella off, umbrella, underline, unlink, upload, urgent, usb, user check, user circle, user exclamation, user minus, user off, user plus, user search, user x, user, users, vaccine bottle, vaccine off, vaccine, variable off, variable, vector bezier 2, vector bezier, vector off, vector triangle off, vector triangle, vector, venus, versions off, versions, video minus, video off, video plus, video, view 360 off, view 360, viewfinder off, viewfinder, viewport narrow, viewport wide, vinyl, virus off, virus search, virus, vocabulary, volume 2, volume 3, volume off, volume, walk, wall, wallet off, wallet, wallpaper off, wallpaper, wand off, wand, wash dry 1, wash dry 2, wash dry 3, wash dry a, wash dry dip, wash dry f, wash dry hang, wash dry off, wash dry p, wash dry shade, wash dry w, wash dry, wash dryclean off, wash dryclean, wash gentle, wash machine, wash off, wash press, wash temperature 1, wash temperature 2, wash temperature 3, wash temperature 4, wash temperature 5, wash temperature 6, wash tumble dry, wash tumble off, wash, wave saw tool, wave sine, wave square, webhook, wheelchair, wifi 0, wifi 1, wifi 2, wifi off, wifi, wind off, wind, windmill off, windmill, window maximize, window minimize, window off, window, windsock, wiper wash, wiper, woman, world download, world latitude, world longitude, world off, world upload, world, wrecking ball, writing off, writing sign off, writing sign, writing, x, xbox a, xbox b, xbox x, xbox y, yin yang, yoga, zeppelin, zodiac aquarius, zodiac aries, zodiac cancer, zodiac capricorn, zodiac gemini, zodiac leo, zodiac libra, zodiac pisces, zodiac sagittarius, zodiac scorpio, zodiac taurus, zodiac virgo, zoom cancel, zoom check, zoom code, zoom exclamation, zoom in area, zoom in, zoom money, zoom out area, zoom out, zoom pan, zoom question, zoom replace, zoom reset, zzz,