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The Official Haiilo Svg Icon Set

Author: Haiilo Website: https://haiilo.github.io/catalyst-icons/
License: MIT license Total icons: 285 Published: 27 Oct, 2022
Keywords: the, official, haiilo, svg, icon, set, free icons, freebies icons, freebies png, download free icons16 chevron down, 16 chevron left, 16 chevron right, 16 chevron up, 16 editor h1, 16 editor h2, 16 editor h3, 16 editor h4, 16 editor h5, 16 editor h6, 16 editor headline, 16 editor indent decrease, 16 editor indent increase, 16 editor ol, 16 editor ul, 16 flash circle outlined, 16 lock outlined, 16 thumbs up outlined, 16 translate box outlined, article filled, article outlined, bar chart outlined, bell check outlined, bell dot filled, bell dot outlined, bell filled, bell outlined, bell plus outlined, bell ringing filled, bell ringing outlined, book filled, book outlined, bookmark check outlined, bookmark filled, bookmark outlined, bookmark plus outlined, chat outlined, check circle filled, check circle outlined, check outlined, chevron down outlined, chevron left outlined, chevron right outlined, chevron up outlined, clock filled, clock outlined, communities filled, communities outlined, content outlined, copy outlined, cross circle filled, cross circle outlined, cross outlined, cross square filled, cross square outlined, danger filled, danger outlined, dots circle outlined, download outlined, earth outlined, events filled, events outlined, external link outlined, flash circle outlined, flash outlined, folder minus outlined, folder outlined, folder plus outlined, gift outlined, globe outlined, gradient outlined, hashtag outlined, home filled, home outlined, layers filled, layers outlined, likes circle filled, link outlined, location outlined, lock filled, lock open filled, lock open outlined, lock outlined, marketplace filled, marketplace outlined, maybe circle outlined, megaphone filled, megaphone outlined, microsoft teams, microsoft yammer,
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