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Ui Icons Set By Matty Palka

Author: Mateusz Palka Website: https://cravetheweb.com/
License: Unknown, ask author Total icons: 865 Published: 17 Oct, 2022
Keywords: ui, icons, set, by, matty, palka, free icons, freebies icons, freebies png, download free iconsadd solid, add, address book solid, address book, alarm clock solid, alarm clock, align center, align justify, align left, align right, ambulance solid, ambulance, angle double left, angle double small left, angle down, angle small down, apple solid, apple, apps add solid, apps add, apps delete solid, apps delete, apps solid, apps sort solid, apps sort, apps, archive solid, archive, arrow down, arrow from bottom, arrow small down, asterik solid, asterik, at, backpack solid, backpack, badge solid, badge, balloons solid, balloons, ban, band aid solid, band aid, bank solid, bank, barber shop, baseball solid, baseball, basketball solid, basketball, bed solid, bed, beer solid, beer, bell ring solid, bell ring, bell school solid, bell school, bell solid, bell, bike solid, bike, billiard solid, billiard, bold, book alt solid, book alt, book solid, book, bookmark solid, bookmark, bowling solid, bowling, box alt solid, box alt, box solid, box, bread slice solid, bread slice, briefcase solid, briefcase, broom solid, broom, browser solid, browser, brush solid, brush, bug solid, bug, building solid,