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CoreUI Icons

Author: CoreUI Website: https://coreui.io/icons/
License: CC BY 4.0 License Total icons: 522 Published: 5 Sep, 2019
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CoreUI Icons: 3d
CoreUI Icons: 4k
CoreUI Icons: logout
CoreUI Icons: redo
CoreUI Icons: undo
CoreUI Icons: book
CoreUI Icons: mode, off
mode, off
CoreUI Icons: mode
CoreUI Icons: airplay
CoreUI Icons: alarm
CoreUI Icons: album
CoreUI Icons: center
CoreUI Icons: left
CoreUI Icons: right
CoreUI Icons: football
CoreUI Icons: android
CoreUI Icons: angular
CoreUI Icons: aperture
CoreUI Icons: apple
CoreUI Icons: settings
CoreUI Icons: applications
CoreUI Icons: bottom
CoreUI Icons: circle, bottom
circle, bottom
CoreUI Icons: circle, left
circle, left
CoreUI Icons: circle, right
circle, right
CoreUI Icons: circle, top
circle, top
CoreUI Icons: left
CoreUI Icons: right
CoreUI Icons: thick, bottom
thick, bottom
CoreUI Icons: thick, from, bottom
thick, from, bottom

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