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Plateau Applications

Author: Sebastian Rubio Website: https://www.deviantart.com/sbstnblnd
License: GNU General Public License Total icons: 490 Published: 31 Mar, 2022
Keywords: plateau, apps, free icons, freebies icons, freebies png, download free iconsabiword, abrt, accessibility directory, accessories archiver, accessories calculator, accessories character map, accessories dictionary, accessories text editor, acroread, addressbook, adobe air, adobe flashplayer, adobe reader, AdobeAIR, adobeflashplugin, AdobeReader, AdobeReader10, AdobeReader8, AdobeReader9, alacarte, amarok, applets screenshooter, application default icon, application x clementine, applications graphics, appointment, apport, aqualung, ark, audacious, audience, audiobook, autopackage manager gtk, avidemux, ax applet, background, badge small, banshee 1, banshee, bash, beryl, boot, browser help, browser, bug buddy, cairo clock, calc, calendar, calligrakrita, cervisia, charpic, cheese, chmsee icon, claws mail, clementine, clock, clocks, colors, config date, config language, contact editor, contacts, date, deluge torrent, deluge, dragonplayer, drakmenustyle, drakstats, ejecter, empathy, eog, epiphany browser, epiphany gecko, epiphany icon, epiphany webkit, epiphany, eterm, Etermutilities terminal, evince, evolution addressbook, evolution calendar, evolution contacts, evolution mail, evolution memos, evolution, f spot, ffmulticonverter, file manager, file roller, firefox,
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