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Material Design Icons Master Action

Author: Google Website: https://material.io/design/iconography/
License: Apache License 2.0 Total icons: 426 Published: 31 Mar, 2019
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hourglass full 48px, https 24px, https 48px, http 24px, http 48px, important devices 24px, important devices 48px, info 24px, info 48px, info outline 24px, info outline 48px, input 24px, input 48px, invert colors 24px, invert colors 48px, label 24px, label 48px, label outline 24px, label outline 48px, language 24px, language 48px, launch 24px, launch 48px, lightbulb outline 24px, lightbulb outline 48px, line style 24px, line style 48px, line weight 24px, line weight 48px, list 24px, list 48px, lock 24px, lock 48px, lock open 24px, lock open 48px, lock outline 24px, lock outline 48px, loyalty 24px, loyalty 48px, markunread mailbox 24px, markunread mailbox 48px, motorcycle 24px, motorcycle 48px, note add 24px, note add 48px, offline pin 24px, opacity 24px, opacity 48px, open in browser 24px, open in browser 48px, open in new 24px, open in new 48px, open with 24px, open with 48px, pageview 24px, pageview 48px, pan tool 24px, pan tool 48px, payment 24px, payment 48px, perm camera mic 24px, 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trending down 48px, trending flat 24px, trending flat 48px, trending up 24px, trending up 48px, turned in 24px, turned in 48px, turned in not 24px, turned in not 48px, update 24px, update 48px, verified user 24px, verified user 48px, view agenda 24px, view agenda 48px, view array 24px, view array 48px, view carousel 24px, view carousel 48px, view column 24px, view column 48px, view day 24px, view day 48px, view headline 24px, view headline 48px, view list 24px, view list 48px, view module 24px, view module 48px, view quilt 24px, view quilt 48px, view stream 24px, view stream 48px, view week 24px, view week 48px, visibility 24px, visibility 48px, visibility off 24px, visibility off 48px, watch later 24px, watch later 48px, work 24px, work 48px, youtube searched for 24px, youtube searched for 48px, zoom in 24px, zoom out 24px,